29 Apr 2021

Cancer Patients Diverted After Cyber-Attack on MedTech Firm

Last week, Swedish oncology and radiology system provider Elekta suffered from a security breach. Elektra provides equipment for scores of US cancer treatment centers, and the security breach ultimately impacted Elektra’s US customers as well. The breach pertained to its first-generation cloud-based storage system, according to a statement released by

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21 Apr 2021

Codecov breach impacted ‘hundreds’ of customer networks: report

Codecov, a DevOps tool provider, suffered from a security breach that has impacted hundreds of clients, according to new information provided by US investigators working on the case. According to the investigators, the attackers responsible for the attack managed to both exploit Codecov software and use the organization as a

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21 Feb 2020

DOD DISA discloses data breach

Last week, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) sent letters to DISA employees notifying them of a security incident in which a DISA system might have been compromised. The DISA provides secure telecommunications and IT support for the White House, US diplomats and military troops. The breach occurred sometime between

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17 Feb 2020

Report shows personal info on 144K Canadians breached by federal entities

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported that several Candian government departments and agencies have compromised the personal and sensitive information of 144,000 individuals across almost 8,000 breaches that occurred over a two-year span. The breaches, which spread across 10 entities and were observed over the past two years, exposed the

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