10 Oct 2019

Most Americans can’t recognize 2FA, HTTPS, or private browsing

Most US adults are not familiar with basic tech and cybersecurity concepts, a new survey by Pew Research Center reveals. Just 28% of respondents were capable of selecting an example of two-factor authentication from a set of images, and only 30% knew what HTTPS is. Furthermore, less than a quarter

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04 Sep 2019

A look into the frequency and success of phishing attacks on SMBs

In the last 12 months, threat actors targeted 43% of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the UK with a phishing attack in which they masqueraded as one or more employees, a new CybSafe report found. It is rather worrisome that two-thirds (66%) of targeted SMBs were actually compromised as

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18 Jul 2019

75% of Security Awareness Pros Are Part Time

A new SANS report provides insight into company efforts to increase the security awareness and skills of employees. The study found that only 4.3% of organizations still don’t have a security awareness program, which is a slight improvement compared to two years ago when the number was 7.6%. However, SANS

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