06 Dec 2022

Prolific Chinese Hackers Stole US COVID funds

According to the Secret Service, a prolific Chinese state-sponsored APT group known as APT41 has stolen at least $20 million from US Covid-19 relief funds. The campaign appears to the be the first of its kind and the group targeted Small Business Administration loans and unemployment insurance funds. The Secret

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14 Jul 2020

Secret Service Launches Cyber-Fraud Task Force

The US Secret Service has announced that it plans to create a new task force to tackle financial crimes and cyber fraud. This move shows that the government recognizes the growing convergence of classic financial crimes and financial crimes that are sophisticated with a cyber element. The announcement consists of

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18 May 2020

Secret Service Warns of “Massive” Unemployment Fraud

The U.S. Secret Service has issued an alert regarding large-scale unemployment fraud relating to the Covid-19 crisis and targeting state unemployment insurance programs. 

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09 Apr 2019

Trump Shakeup Impacts Cybersecurity Policy

Cybersecurity experts are worried that the recent departures of US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Secret Service Director Randolph Alles will undermine the continuity of the US cybersecurity policy. Both the DHS and the Secret Service play vital cybersecurity roles, since their responsibilities include the protection

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04 Apr 2019

Mar-a-Lago’s Security Problems Go Way Beyond a Thumb Drive

According to various security experts, the recent incident in which a Chinese woman carrying a thumb drive containing malware was arrested at Mar-a-Lago, exposes a variety of security issues affecting Donald Trump’s private resort, where he has spent about 100 days since he was sworn in as president in 2017.

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