29 Jul 2020

US provides new expanded set of espionage charges against former Twitter employees

The US government has charged three individuals who formerly worked for Twitter with more offenses, including fraudulently accessing information and acting as illegal agents of a foreign government. The former Twitter employees were originally charged with two different crimes, however, they are now under scrutiny for seven offenses rather than

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18 May 2020

FBI finds al Qaeda link after breaking encryption on Pensacola attacker’s iPhone

Last year, a Saudi military trainee killed three US sailors and wounded several others in a terror attack on the Pensacola military base in Florida. New evidence shows that the trainee, Mohammed Alshamrani, was in communication with a suspected al Qaeda operative. After breaking through Alshamrani’s phone encryption, US investigators

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30 Apr 2020

Russia’s Aging Infrastructure Threatens Oil Output Pact

Experts warn that Russia’s compliance with an oil production deal with Saudi Arabia and the US could be threatened by the country’s outdated infrastructure and other complications, such as winding down a broad network of wells across its massive landmass. In early April, the three countries agreed to head a

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10 Apr 2020

Saudi Arabia declares ceasefire in Yemen over coronavirus

In Yemen, the Saudi led coalition has declared a two-week ceasefire as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The ceasefire between the Saudi coalition and the Houthi rebels, who have been fighting for almost five years, is set to begin Thursday. The move was prompted by the United Nations Secretary-General

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10 Mar 2020

Global shares plunge in worst day since financial crisis

On March 9, 2020, the United States experienced a 7.8% drop in stock indexes, the largest since the financial crisis. Numbers of other regions across Europe and Asia are also suffering similar to that of the United States’ Dow Jones average drop of over 2,000 points. In both the US

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09 Mar 2020

Saudi Arabia detains three senior members of royal family

In Saudi Arabia, three senior members of the royal family have been detained for unexplained reasons in what onlookers see as a consolidation of power by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Two of the men, Mohammed bin Nayef, the former crown prince, and Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the

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27 Feb 2020

Saudi Arabia halts travel to Islam’s holiest site over virus

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia announced that it has halted travel to the Kaaba amid fears over the novel coronavirus. The Kaaba is located in the holy city of Mecca, where Muslims travel to for the annual hajj pilgrimage, which occurs in just a few months. The announcement comes as the

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27 Feb 2020

U.S. Forces Return to Saudi Arabia to Deter Attacks by Iran

2,500 US military personnel have been relocated to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, nearly 17 years after the US troops largely evacuated the kingdom. After maintaining a small footprint in Saudi Arabia over the past decade and a half, the return of US troops to the country reflects

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29 Jan 2020

Saudi Arabia wants US troops to stay in Iraq, top official says

Currently, 5,000 US troops are stationed in Iraq and due to a recent announcement by Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, Saudi Arabia does not want the US troops to leave the country. Saudi Arabia allegedly fears that a withdrawal could make the Middle East less safe

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27 Jan 2020

Saudi Prince Courted Amazon’s Bezos Before Bitter Split

Throughout 2018, Jeff Bezos, Amazon Inc. founder, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman engaged in friendly conversation through the popular messaging app WhatsApp. The pair planned for Amazon to build a huge data center in Saudi Arabia, forging a cordial and mutually beneficial relationship. The Wall Street Journal reviewed

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