24 Jan 2022

Saudi-led coalition denies targeting Yemeni detention center after airstrikes kill dozens

A detention center was hit in airstrikes on Friday and killed dozens and caused a nationwide internet blackout in Yemen. The Iran-backed Houthi rebels blamed the Saudi- led coalition for the strike, but the coalition denied deliberately targeting the detention center in the northern city of Sa’ada.  At least 82

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19 Jan 2022

Saudi led-coalition launches airstrikes on Yemeni capital after deadly Houthi drone strike in Abu Dhabi

On Monday, the Saudi led-coalition fighting in Yemen launched airstrikes on the Yemeni capital. The airstrikes come shortly after Iranian-backed Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for a deadly drone attack that occurred in the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia’s state run media outlet took to Twitter to address the military action,

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06 Jan 2022

France begins terrorism probe into Saudi Arabia blast ahead of Dakar Rally

French prosecutors have launched a terrorism investigation into an explosion in Saudi Arabia that injured a French driver with Sodicars racing prior to the Dakar Rally. According to French officials, the blast hit a support vehicle belonging to the French team shortly after they left their hotel in Jeddah for

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26 Oct 2021

Leading oil exporter Saudi Arabia aims to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2060, Crown Prince MBS says

Ahead of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, COP26, Saudi Arabia has said they plan to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2060. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the country will use its circular carbon economy approach with the country’s development plans to reach its goal. The world’s biggest oil

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20 Oct 2021

Ex-German soldiers arrested over alleged terror plot in Yemen’s war

Germany has confirmed that two former German soldiers have been arrested on suspicion of trying to form a terrorist mercenary to fight in Yemen’s civil war. The two individuals, Arend-Adolf G and Achim A face terrorism charges. Police forces in Germany conducted raids in the southern region of the country

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01 Sep 2021

Houthi strikes on Yemen base kill at least 30, spokesman says

At least 30 soldiers were killed and an additional 60 wounded on Sunday due to a Houthi strike on a Yemeni military base belonging to a Saudi-led coalition. The base is located in the southwestern region of the country, according to a spokesman for southern forces Mohamed al-Naqeeb. The Houthis

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07 May 2021

Pakistani Prime Minister Khan visits Saudi Arabia to reset ties

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is making an effort to reset relations with Saudi Arabia after tensions in recent years. Khan arrived in Riyadh on Friday is the beginning of a three-day visit. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman invited Khan in a significant move. Pakistan’s army chief General Qamar

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09 Apr 2021

What’s the China-Arab State Data Security Pact Really Mean?

Beijing’s March 2021 China and Arab States Data Security Agreement is supposed to strengthen cooperation in communications and information technology. While details have yet been published, the document focuses on ensuring the integrity of data and production chains that drive the digital economy. This is not the first time that China and the Arab nations have collaborated, having engaged one another in emerging technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence. However, it is noteworthy as this partnership makes the Middle East the first region to have engaged in a data security initiative with China, according to China’s Foreign Minister.

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01 Apr 2021

Biden Trimming Forces Sent to Mideast to Help Saudi Arabia

President Biden has directed the Pentagon to begin removing some military forces from the Gulf region of the Middle East, marking the first steps in an effort to steer the US global military footprint away from the Mideast. The changes come as Saudi Arabia continues to endure rocket and drone

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23 Mar 2021

Saudi-led coalition intensifies Yemen air strikes, hits grains port

Dozens of airstrikes were launched at Houthi military targets by the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen earlier this week. According to the coalition, the military targets were located in the capital of Sanaa and the port of Salif, located on the Red Sea coast. The military alliance has been at

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