03 Mar 2021

New satellite images reveal North Korea took recent steps to conceal nuclear weapons site

New satellite imagery allegedly reveals that North Korea has taken steps to conceal a military facility likely holding nuclear weapons. The images prove that the changes were made in recent months, a move that adds to the growing sense of urgency over unclear policies set forth by the Biden administration

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24 Jan 2019

Can Saudi Arabia produce ballistic missiles? Satellite imagery raises suspicions

Experts are questioning Saudi Arabia’s ballistic missile production capabilities after satellite images emerged that appear to show production centers. While it remains uncertain whether the facilities are complete or capable of missile manufacture, the sites were started in 2013 and suggest Saudi intent to develop domestic production in order to

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11 Dec 2018

Blurry satellite photos of military bases reveal more than they hide

“Open-source researchers often use satellite images, especially across multiple providers, to uncover information that is otherwise difficult to obtain. In November 2017, the World Bank released an analysis of satellite footage of ISIS-held territory to reveal that the statelet was struggling to produce oil. In September 2018, open-source investigation house

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04 Oct 2018

Israel Plans Anti-Missile Nano Satellite Constellation

“Israel is planning constellations of nano satellites, built by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), that will allow almost continuous coverage of ‘areas of interest,’ which are likely to include Iran, Syria, Lebanon and other countries. The first nano satellite was developed by IAI and was launched into space in 2017 as

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31 Jul 2018

North Korea working on new missiles despite denuclearization pledge

New satellite imagery show new activity at missile production sites in North Korea, according to unnamed officials. This evidence would run counter to President Trump’s insistence since his summit with North Korean leader Kim that “there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea.”  Source: North Korea working on

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