08 Apr 2022

OODA Salon Tuesday 5 April 2022 On Winning In The Artificial Intelligence Era

Katharina McFarland has led change in a wide array of national security domains including Space, Missile Defense, Acquisition and Nuclear Posture. She was also named as a Commissioner of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. In this OODA Salon we will hear directly from her on a range of topics, focusing on actions we can take to improve the application of AI to national security while protecting privacy and our way of life.

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19 Jan 2022

OODA Salon Wednesday 19 January 2022: Commercial Technology and National Security

The 19 January 2022 OODA Salon featured Dr. Jennifer Buss, CEO of the Potomac Institute.

Dr. Buss is a long term friend and OODA network member who has contributed insight to the greater national security community for years. As leader of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, she guides an organization with a stellar reputation for S&T policy research. The institute identifies and leads discussions on S&T and national security issues facing our society, providing an academic forum to enable evidence based recommendations.

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20 Dec 2021

OODA Salon 20 December 2021: Digital Innovation and Threats, A discussion with Deputy Director of CIA for Innovation Jennifer Ewbank

This 20 Dec 2021 OODA Salon features a discussion with Jennifer Ewbank, Deputy Director of CIA for Digital Innovation.

Her office is responsible for current and future activities associated with both technologies and business processes around digital innovation, a topic which touches every aspect of agency missions. This includes activities in domains like Cloud, IT, Cyber Operations, Cybersecurity, Data Policy, Artificial Intelligence and Open Source. We will discuss the nature of the modern digital threat environment, things that American C-Suite leaders should know regarding CIA missions and how to serve them, and things we should all know about how to survive and thrive in the tech enabled world.

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10 Nov 2021

OODA Salon 10 Nov 2021: A member discussion of build vs buy in the federal ecosystem

On 10 November 2021, OODA Network members participated in a network only salon focused on the topic of build vs buy in the federal ecosystem. Members can view the video here.

In the age of great power competition, the need for government to be able to tap into commercial innovation has never been greater. But it can be hard for government decision-makers to know when it is best to leverage existing commercial capabilities or to hire defense integrators or use internal staff to create their own solutions. Questions of building vs buying have been around for decades. Numerous high level studies exist on this topic, incudling many by the Defense Science Board and the congressionally mandated Software Acquisition and Practices (SWAP) study. This is not a topic with simple answers. But now more than ever it is one that is important to keep pushing on.

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28 Oct 2021

OODA Salon 27 Oct 2021: An examination of Global Risks and Mitigations

On 27 Oct 2021 OODA Network members participated in a network only salon focused on an examination of global geopolitical risks and mitigation strategies. This session provided members with an update that flowed from the OODA C-Suite Report and provided an opportunity for all present to provide inputs on areas of interest that OODA analysts should be prioritizing for the community.

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