16 Jul 2021

Safari Zero-Day Used in Malicious LinkedIn Campaign

According to researchers from Google’s Threat Analysis Group and Project Zero, attackers exploited a Safari vulnerability to target government officials in Western Europe. The vulnerability was leveraged to send malicious links to government officials via LinkedIn. Google’s research team detected and reported the vulnerability, publishing a blog post on Wednesday

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26 Aug 2020

Safari Bug Revealed After Apple Takes Nearly a Year to Patch

A Polish security researcher discovered a vulnerability in the Apple Safari web browser that lies within the cross-browser sharing API. The exploitation of the vulnerability could lead to attackers gaining access to personal information and stealing user files. Although the researcher who found the bug rated it as less serious,

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06 Apr 2020

Researcher Hijacks iOS, macOS Camera with Three Safari Zero-Days

Ryan Pickren, a security researcher, has been awarded $75,000 by Apple for uncovering seven zero-days in Safari, three of which Pickren used to access the camera. The discoveries were shared with Apple in December of 2019 and were subsequently patched. Using the three flaws, Pickren was able to build an

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25 Mar 2020

Apple blocks third-party cookies in Safari

Apple released Safari 13.1 yesterday, which included new updates to Safari’s Intelligence Tracking Prevention (ITP) privacy feature. The most major shift was that Apple products will now block all third-party cookies while in Safari by default. Apple’s latest move means that online advertisers and analytics firms will not be able

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18 Nov 2019

Tianfu Cup Round-Up: Safari, Chrome, D-Link Routers and Office 365 Successfully Hacked

Chinese white-hat hacking competition, the Tianfu Cup, took place over the weekend as hackers used never-before-seen zero days to compromise popular software. The Tianfu Cup aims to identify vulnerabilities through competition between hacking groups and bears many similarities to the international hacking contest Pwn2Own. The Tianfu Cup was created exclusively

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15 Oct 2019

Apple responds to reports that it sends user traffic to China’s Tencent

After Apple was accused of bowing down to China by removing the HKmap.live app from its official App Store last week, a series of media reports over the weekend suggested that the tech giant was engaged in other shady behavior related to China. More precisely, the company was accused of

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