03 Mar 2021

Ryuk Ransomware now has Worming Self-Propagation

According to researchers at the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI), the Ryuk ransomware has updated to include worming self-propagation within a local network. The ransomware strain often evolves, however, the newest addition to the destructive tool allows it to spread itself on every reachable machine

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09 Mar 2020

Ryuk Ransomware Behind Durham, North Carolina Cyberattack

The city of Durham, North Carolina recently shut down its network due to an attack by the Ryuk Ransomware. Ryuk is a ransomware developed by a Russian hacker that gains access to a network when someone opens a malicious email attachment. Upon gaining access, Ryuk is able to permeate network

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05 Mar 2020

Ryuk ransomware hits Fortune 500 company EMCOR

EMCOR, a US-based Fortune 500 company that specializes in engineering and industrial construction services has announced that they were attacked with Ryuk ransomware on February 15. Although details of the attack and the aftermath are not yet public, the message announcing the ransomware infection remains on EMCOR’s website. EMCOR stated

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03 Jan 2020

US Coast Guard Sounds Alarm After Ransomware Attack

The Coast Gaurd recently revealed details of a ransomware attack in late December that caused Coast Gaurd employees to be on high alert over the holiday season. Authorities described the attack, stating that it had identified the use of Ryuk ransomware that entered the network of the facility via phishing

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