23 Jun 2022

Commonwealth countries set to meet in Rwanda and what to expect

The heads of government from Commonwealth countries will meet in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda on Friday and Saturday. The government heads are meeting to tackle challenges including climate change and food shortages caused by the war in Ukraine.  The commonwealth is a voluntary association of 54 countries that evolved

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14 Jun 2022

Final legal challenges to be heard before first flight in Rwanda asylum plan

Four people due to be on the first flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda are planning legal challenges before take-off on Tuesday. There are only eight people remaining on the passenger list after dozens of people won legal cases and were removed from the flight. There was a last-ditch effort

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24 May 2022

DR Congo military accused of shelling civilians in Rwanda

Rwanda’s military has accused forces from the Democratic Republic of the Congo of cross-border shelling and wounding several civilians. Regional monitors have been asked to investigate as the shelling struck areas in Musanze district Monday morning.  The Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism is a group of military experts from the International

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20 May 2022

Rwanda expects first 50 asylum seekers transferred from UK by end of May

Rwanda is expecting to receive the first group of 50 asylum seekers from Britain by the end of May. The British government had announced plans in April to send people seeking asylum to Rwanda, but lawyers were expected to prevent their removal from Britain earlier this month.  The British government

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14 Apr 2022

UK to send Channel asylum seekers to Rwanda: Reports

In a deal expected to be signed by the United Kingdom, male asylum seekers who cross the English Channel will be sent to Rwanda while their claims are processed. The 120 million pound agreement deemed a “migration and economic development partnership” will be signed by Home Secretary Priti Patel in

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