09 Oct 2018

Second Skripal Poisoning Suspect Identified as Dr. Alexander Mishkin

OSINT organization and forum Bellingcat has released its report on the identity of the second Skripals poisoning suspect. “In the preceding report from the current investigation into the two suspects in the Skripals poisoning case, Bellingcat and its reporting partner the Insider disclosed the identity of one of the two

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27 Sep 2018

OSINT and ‘We got really lucky’: how novichok suspects’ identities were revealed

The breaking identification of one of the Novichok poisoning suspects not only connected the attack to the Russian government, it also showcased the depth of OSINT research techniques and possibilities that are consistently leveraged across the fields of journalism, private research, military research, and beyond. The investigation launched by a

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03 Aug 2018

Suspected Russian spy worked at US Embassy in Moscow: Report

“A woman suspected to be a Russian spy worked at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and had access to highly sensitive information for more than a decade before she was quietly let go in 2017, according to a report. The Russian national, who was recruited by the U.S. Secret Service,

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