01 Sep 2020

Russian Jet Violated NATO Airspace While Attempting to Intercept US B-52 Bomber

On Friday, a Russian military jet violated NATO airspace regulations while allegedly attempting to intercept a US Air Force B-52 bomber. The US aircraft was traveling near the Danish island of Bornholm, according to a NATO statement released on Monday. This represents a major violation of international law, as the

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27 Aug 2020

US Arrests Tourist Over Malware Conspiracy

Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov was arrested in Los Angeles on August 22 and charged with conspiracy after he allegedly offered an employee a large sum of money to infect their company’s computer with ransomware. Kriuchkov is a 27-year old Russian national who was currently traveling in the US under a tourist

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25 Aug 2020

Russian-backed organizations amplifying QAnon conspiracy theories, researchers say

According to researchers, Russian government-backed actors have played a role in amplifying conspiracy theories created and promoted by the prominent US-based group QAnon. This has raised significant concerns over foreign interference in the US elections, which will occur in November. Researchers state that Russia likely did not have involvement in

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24 Aug 2020

Alexei Navalny’s Illness Latest Blow to Russia’s Struggling Opposition

An outspoken critic of the Kremlin Alexei Navalny has fallen ill after drinking tea that was allegedly laced with poison. Although Navalny was receiving treatment in Russia, he has since been evacuated to a Berlin hospital, where doctors have not provided updates on his condition or the cause of the

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21 Aug 2020

Doctors say Putin critic can’t be moved to Germany

Alexei Navalny, a key figure in the opposition against sitting president Vladamir Putin, has been hospitalized after a suspected poisoning. Russian doctors have released information indicating that Navalny remains too unstable and ill to be transported to another medical location. Navalny has been in a coma since Thursday amid reports

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11 Aug 2020

Russia Registers World’s First Covid-19 Vaccine Despite Safety Concerns

Russia has registered the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine despite concerns that the medication flew through trial periods and may not be safe to administer. President Vladimir Putin announced the vaccine registration, which marks a huge milestone in the fight against the infectious disease that created a global pandemic. Western countries

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29 Jul 2020

Russia claims it’s on track to approve Covid-19 vaccine by mid-August. But speed of process raises questions

According to Russian officials, the country’s scientists are working towards getting a COVID-19 vaccine approved by August 10, less than two weeks away. However, the short timeline has raised significant concerns over safety, effectiveness, and shortcuts taken by the health department in its development. The vaccine was created by the

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24 Jul 2020

Russia Tests an Anti-Satellite Weapon, U.S. Officials Say

According to a statement released by the US Space Command on Thursday, Russia conducted an unusual anti-satellite test in early July. This has sparked concern that Russia is developing capabilities to attack American space-based systems. The test, which occurred on July 15, represents the first time that Russia has utilized

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24 Jul 2020

Russia’s GRU Hackers Hit US Government and Energy Targets

Russia’s GRU intelligence agency has been responsible for some of the most aggressive cyberattacks in history, including blackouts and destructive worms. The group was also tied to a massive misinformation campaign as well as a hacking and leaking operation that was created to skew the outcome of the 2016 US

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21 Jul 2020

U.K. Failed to Probe Alleged Russian Interference in Votes, Report Says

On Tuesday, a UK parliament intelligence committee stated that the British government did not take measures to investigate alleged Russian interference, leaving the country with skewed elections, and poor security practices. In a report, the intelligence committee underlined Moscow’s influence over the UK. The report also questions why the government

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