07 Nov 2018

Russia’s Air Force Wants To Use Robots As ‘Automated Forward Air Controllers’

“Today’s smart bombs and artillery are astonishingly lethal. But for all their smartness, they need a pair of human eyes to tell the bombs where to hit. But that means those eyes—whether the forward air controllers (FACs) of Vietnam or the Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) of today—have to get

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06 Nov 2018

Russia and Cuba vow to expand ‘strategic’ ties that lapsed after Cold War

“The leaders of Russia and Cuba vowed Friday to expand what they called their ‘strategic’ ties and urged the United States to lift its blockade of Cuba. In a joint statement issued after their talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Cuban counterpart Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced U.S. ‘interference into domestic affairs

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04 Nov 2018

Russia’s Cyberwar on Ukraine Is a Blueprint For What’s to Come

“Many global cybersecurity analysts have come to the same conclusion. Where better to train an army of Kremlin hackers in digital combat than in the no-holds-barred atmosphere of a hot war inside the Kremlin’s sphere of influence? ‘The gloves are off. This is a place where you can do your

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02 Nov 2018

Russia ‘assessing’ military base in Cuba as US leaves INF treaty

Russian parliament’s defense committee head announced that the country is “assessing” the feasibility of a military base in Cuba, potentially as part of a response to U.S. withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, stating “now the active phase of impact assessment is under way, and proposals will be

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01 Nov 2018

Russian suicide bomb kills one and injures three in FSB offices

A 17-year-old male carried out a suicide bombing in an FSB office in Northern Russia. The FSB is the successor agency to the Soviet KGB and is responsible for security, border protection, counterterrorism, and counter-intelligence. The attack is unusual as it did not take place in the North Caucuses region

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31 Oct 2018

France: Russia not helping to stabilize Central African Republic

France has accused Russia of working towards its own interests and not towards that of the country in the Central African Republic, where Russia has sent weapons and 175 trainers, with plans to send more. The Russian presence there is the largest on the continent in decades, and has been

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31 Oct 2018

With Russia in its crosshairs, Canada moves to buy sub hunters

While the U.S. launches naval exercises with carriers above the arctic circle for the first time since the Cold War, Canada is reflecting growing threats in their decision to purchase submarine hunting frigates. According to a Lockheed Martin Canada VP, this purchase is part of a larger industry movement toward

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30 Oct 2018

Putin: Russia Will Target Nations Hosting U.S. Missiles

In threats echoing from the Soviet Cold War era, Russia has threatened any country in Europe that decides to host U.S. nuclear missiles previously banned under the INF treaty. “If they are deployed in Europe, we will naturally have to respond in kind. The European nations would agree to that

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26 Oct 2018

Venezuela Is Said to Move Cash Through an Obscure Russian Bank

“An obscure Moscow-based state-run bank has emerged as a key player in Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s efforts to work around U.S. sanctions that are cutting his country off from the global economy. Evrofinance Mosnarbank, which is jointly owned by Russia and Venezuela but not subject to sanctions itself, has been

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25 Oct 2018

NATO chief sees new U.S. missile deployments in Europe as unlikely

“NATO’s top official on Wednesday blamed Russia for breaching a landmark nuclear arms pact that Washington is talking about quitting, but said he did not believe the Russian threat would lead to new deployments of U.S. missiles in Europe. In his first remarks since Washington announced on Saturday that it

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