04 Jan 2023

The OODA Loop Series: Autonomous Everything

In a series of posts entitled Autonomous Everything, we explore automation in all its technological forms, including legacy working assumptions about the term itself.  Autonomy is not just for the future of the car and personal mobility but includes powerful platforms in a broad autonomous future.  We began the series in June at the bleeding edge of autonomous vehicles, with a description of the first autonomous ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

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06 Jul 2022

Top 7 Automation Takeaways from Automate 2022

More than 24,000 registered attendees descended upon Detroit earlier this month to see the latest products and innovations around the world of robotics and automation at the Automate 2022 event and trade conference. Visitors spoke with more than 600 companies displaying new solutions in the automation space, or heard from

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10 Jun 2022

The Future of Automation and The Recent Industrial Robot Sales Surge

Automation, as a subject for OODA Loop research and analysis, cuts a broad swath across many industry verticals.  As we attempt to further scope our coverage, specific areas of interest have emerged that we thought would be of interest to the OODA Loop membership: Security Automation; Automation and the Workforce; Automation – or Augmentation – of the workforce; Autonomous Vehicles as Automation; Automation of AI/Machine Learning Training Models; Automation Case Studies; and Industry Standardization. Please reach out to us if there are any industry sectors, government agencies, robotics sub-disciplines, or robotics subsectors you would like us to explore in our research and analysis. We now turn to a recent WSJ article on a significant increase in robot sales in 2021, which continues in earnest in 2022.  

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13 Dec 2021

SoftBank SPAC to take Walmart-backed Symbotic public in $5.5 bln deal

Walmart Inc-backed Symbotic said on Monday it would go public through a merger with a SoftBank Group Corp blank-check firm in a deal offering the robotics and automation startup a pro-forma equity value of $5.5 billion. The deal with SVF Investment Corp 3 is supported by private investment in public equity

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14 Oct 2021

Singapore to develop mobile defence systems with Ghost Robotics

Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency (DTSA) has partnered with Ghost Robotics to identify use cases involving mobile robots for security, defense, and humanitarian applications. Ghost Robotics is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and will look to test and develop mobile robotic systems as well as technology enablers that can be

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16 Jun 2021

South Korea to Add Robots-on-Rails and AI Surveillance to DMZ Border

South Korea has announced plans to increase its unmanned presence in the land that divides the Korean peninsula, stating that the moving robots will be part of an artificial intelligence-based surveillance system. The Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration, or DAPA, created a $2.5 million contract to deploy the robots and

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04 Mar 2021

Police Departments Experiment With 70-Pound Robot Dog

The New York Police Department is currently experimenting with a robotic dog that is outfitted with cameras, lights, communication systems, and other high-tech features that allow law enforcement agencies to see and hear its environment in real-time. The NYPD allegedly acquired the robot in December of last year and has

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09 Feb 2021

Government Seeks ‘Dog-Like,’ Throwable and Other Robots

The Air Force is seeking prototypes for two small dog-like robots that could help patrol small battle spaces and provide the military with additional data resources. The request for information was released on Sunday and seeks to stay up to date on evolving technology such as robotics. The robot would

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09 Dec 2020

Army Looks to Launch Next-Level, Automated Warehouse at Fort Hood

The Army is seeking to transform an existing Supply Support Activity warehouse in Fort Hood into a model of technology use to be implemented in other locations. The warehouse will tap into artificial intelligence, robotics, and other cutting edge technology to speed up operations and reduce the workload on staff.

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11 Sep 2020

DoD Intentions With Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems for Ground Forces

Unmanned ground systems have been around and in use in DoD for decades. They were used throughout WWII for various functions considered too dangerous for humans, like demolition missions or advancing on a battle front to draw enemy fire. What’s exciting today is the explosion of possibilities as we couple artificial intelligence with modern day sensors and a versatile all-terrain ground platform. The FY21 President’s Budget dedicates serious funding to the R&D of Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous Systems (IRAS). Systems that can perform autonomously, make intelligent decisions based on what they “sense” and carry our successful missions (with or without a human in the mix) are critical to DoD’s strategy over the next decade.

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