24 Dec 2021

Eliminating artificial intelligence bias is everyone’s job

With reliance on AI-based decisions and operations growing by the day, it’s important to take a step back and ask if everything that can be done to assure fairness and mitigate bias is being done. There needs to be greater awareness and training behind AI deployments. Not just for developers

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22 Dec 2021

Can AI Virtual Assistants Help Close The Gaps In Cybersecurity?

In recent years, many leading companies have fallen victim to high-profile cyberattacks and data breaches. Cybercriminals and hackers around the world develop new methods and techniques to break into and compromise even the most advanced security systems and gain access to sensitive information. This has led to the exposure of

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20 Dec 2021

How To Build Responsible AI, Step 3: Resilience

Artificial intelligence is now an integral component of the processes and systems that drive our organizations. As AI practitioners, we must be intentional about developing, deploying and managing responsible AI — minimizing risk and removing bias while working toward our objectives. I recently defined a framework of six essential elements of

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16 Dec 2021

Cloud computing has won. But we still don’t know what that means

There’s little doubt that cloud computing is now the absolutely dominant force across enterprise computing. Most companies have switched from buying their own hardware and software to renting both from vendors who host their services in vast anonymous data centers around the globe. Tech analysts are predicting that the vast majority

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16 Dec 2021

Blockchain ‘key to supply transparency’ – mining giant BHP

Leading global resources company BHP says it has proved Blockchain technology can ease concerns about sustainability and human-rights transgressions in the supply chain. Australia-based mining and metals giant BHP has been piloting Blockchain as a way to maintain high ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards across its supply chains. The company

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15 Dec 2021

Improving quality management in digital production through artificial intelligence

ETH researchers are using artificial intelligence to improve quality management in digital production processes. The team has succeeded in halving the proportion of defective products in an experiment with the semiconductor manufacturer Hitachi Energy. Complex machinery, pharmaceutical products or microchips: the more expensive a product, the more important its quality

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10 Dec 2021

Evergrande can’t pay its debts. China is scrambling to contain the fallout

Beijing is intervening to prevent a disorderly collapse of Evergrande after it has defaulted on its debt. The collapse of the real estate group could wreak havoc on the world’s second biggest economy. The property developer has entered “restricted default” after the company was unable to pay off interest that

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01 Dec 2021

Artificial Intelligence: How Business Leaders Can Tap Into Their Blue Sky Opportunities

The pandemic forced the hands of many executives who had previously hesitated to sponsor transformation; many leaders needed a disruptive event like this to prioritize such activities and think outside the box. It’s been surprising to see the speed with which digital transformation has finally taken place, particularly within industries

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11 Nov 2021

Blockchain In Supply Chain

Is your supply chain ready for the blockchain? Cryptocurrencies are the most commonly cited examples of blockchain’s potential, but it’s the technology itself that’s attracting attention from those outside finance. From increased security and visibility to tracking complex variables related to sustainability and ethical sourcing, blockchain is set to help procurement organizations

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13 Sep 2021

Intelligence, Afghanistan, and Hedging Bets

I am a member of OODA Loop. The few discussions that I have been able to listen to thus far were extremely informative, especially the most recent one on Afghanistan and intelligence issues.  It prompted a few comments on intelligence collection and hedging bets amongst regional and great power players in Afghanistan. 

This article was generated from the OODA Network Member monthly meeting and access is restricted accordingly. If you are an OODA Subscriber, but not a member of our expert network, you will not be able to access this content.

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