28 Aug 2019

Some employees willing to use company data to snag job at competitor

A recent survey by Gurucul reveals that nearly one in four (24%) security experts would use information of their current company to help their chances of getting a better job at another firm. Some respondents admitted to stealing company data for this purpose by transferring it to a flash drive

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16 Aug 2019

New Canon Survey Reveals Critical Gaps in Companies’ Cybersecurity Agenda

A new survey indicates that when it comes to cybersecurity, businesses are most concerned with the actions of their own staff. When asked about the biggest threat to their organization, 30% of respondents mentioned malicious insiders, and 25% said human error. Other threats that were given high priority were malware

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15 Aug 2019

Five Factors Influencing the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

New research by Accenture outlines the following five key factors that are driving the evolution of the cyberthreat landscape: Geopolitical tensions are driving disinformation and other threat campaigns that increasingly impact businesses. Cybercriminal networks continue to mature and adapt, which enables them to continue operations despite efforts by law enforcement

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