12 Aug 2019

Why remote workers are an underrated security risk for small businesses

A mere 4% of small businesses in the United States have fully adopted the cybersecurity best practices outlined by the US Small Business Administration (SBA), a new report by Nationwide found. Around 20% of small businesses in the survey did not train employees about cybersecurity at all. Most small business

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08 Aug 2019

Automation, visibility remain biggest issues for cybersecurity teams

A new survey by Fidelis Cybersecurity reveals that the majority of infosec professionals are very concerned about a lack of automation (57.43%) and of visibility (53.39%) in their organization. While 70% of respondents said that threat hunting is a necessity to address growing cyber threats, a majority of firms are

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07 Aug 2019

How to prevent the top 11 threats in cloud computing

The Cloud Security Alliance has released a new report listing the latest threats related to cloud computing that impact strategies for could adoption in businesses.   The top 11 new threats for cloud environments are: 1. Data breaches 2. Misconfiguration 3. Lack of security architecture and strategy 4. Poor access

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31 Jul 2019

95% of Pen Test Problems Can Be Easily Resolved

New statistics gathered by Lares show that the most common security issues found by ethical hackers as part of penetrating testing engagements are: Brute forcing accounts with weak and guessable passwords Kerberoasting Excessive file system permissions WannaCry/EternalBlue Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) lateral movement According to Lares founder Chris Nickerson, penetration

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29 Jul 2019

66% of SMBs don’t believe they are vulnerable to cyberattacks

A new report by Keeper Security indicates the most business leaders at small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) vastly underestimate the risk that cyber threats pose to their firm. Two in three (66%) respondents said that their organization will not suffer a cyber attack, even though recent research by the Ponemon

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25 Jul 2019

Most SMBs have not identified and documented cybersecurity threats

A new ConnectWise report highlights major shortcomings in the cybersecurity strategies of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). The vast majority of SMBs have not identified and documented cybersecurity threats (69%) nor vulnerabilities (66%), which means that they have no clue about the weak links in their defenses and no way

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23 Jul 2019

Your business hit by a data breach? Expect a bill of $3.92 million

Data breaches have gotten 12% more costly over the past five years, and the average data breach now leads to $3.92 million in losses for the affected organization, a new report by IBM shows. While the costs for smaller firms tend be lower, companies with fewer than 500 people on

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18 Jul 2019

75% of Security Awareness Pros Are Part Time

A new SANS report provides insight into company efforts to increase the security awareness and skills of employees. The study found that only 4.3% of organizations still don’t have a security awareness program, which is a slight improvement compared to two years ago when the number was 7.6%. However, SANS

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17 Jul 2019

CEOs’ Cyber Ignorance Costing Firms Dear

A new RedSeal survey among IT professionals highlights how the reckless or ignorant behavior of CEOs may put companies at risk. A majority (54%) of respondents think that their CEO is undermining the security of their organization by not adhering to internal cybersecurity policies, while 75% of IT professionals want

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12 Jul 2019

Gone phishing: Why summer brings increased security threats to the enterprise

A new report by LastLine shows that cyber risk may be highest during the summer months, with 30.5% of respondents indicating they see more cyber threats during the summer compared to the rest of the year. However, 47.1% said they did not notice seasonal attack trends. As to the specific

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