03 Jul 2019

Americans Want to Protect Their Information, but Don’t Know How: Survey

A new YouGov survey exposes a ‘gap between responsibility and action’ when it comes to people’s attitude toward cybersecurity. The report shows that while about 2 out of 3 (66%) Americans feel they are doing everything in their power to protect themselves from cybercrime, and 62% indicate that they ought

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01 Jul 2019

What is and what is not working for security operations teams in securing cloud data

A new report by Delta Risk sheds light on the challenges faced by companies as part of their efforts to migrate IT operations to the cloud. The survey highlights data loss and leakage (64%) as the top cloud security concern for organizations and shows that a majority of companies (54%)

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28 Jun 2019

Leaky Amazon S3 Buckets Expose Data of Netflix, TD Bank

UpGuard researchers recently discovered three unprotected cloud storage buckets that exposed over a terabyte of data from Netflix, TD Bank, Ford and various other Fortune 100 companies that do business with data management firm Attunity. The exposed data included confidential business documents, system passwords, and sensitive employee information such as

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28 Jun 2019

Over reliance on public cloud vendor security puts data and companies at risk of breach

In line with previous research, a new CyberArk study found that many organizations overstate the security benefits of moving assets to the cloud. The survey found that 36% of firms believe the top benefit of cloud adoption is offloading security risk. The main security concerns companies have when it comes

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27 Jun 2019

1 in 10 open source components downloaded in 2018 had a known security vulnerability

A new report by Sonatype looks at the security implications of the growing demand for open source software (OSS). The study shows that the number of security breaches stemming from vulnerabilities in OSS has risen by 71% over the past five years, with almost one in four (24%) of organizations

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25 Jun 2019

You don’t just acquire a company, but also its cybersecurity posture

A new Forescout survey highlights the importance of cybersecurity assessments in M&A as a way of preventing companies from ‘buying a breach.’ A majority of organizations (53%) have seen an M&A deal being brought into question due to a major cybersecurity issue or incident. Moreover, 62% of firms acknowledge that

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21 Jun 2019

Small Businesses May Not Be Security’s Weak Link

A new report by (ISC)² indicates that the poor reputation of small businesses when it comes to security isn’t entirely justified. Small firms are often considered to be a supply-chain risk for larger corporations, but (ISC)² found that security breaches resulting from cooperation with a large company are slightly more

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20 Jun 2019

Insecure Home IoT Devices a Clear and Present Danger to Corporate Security

A massive analysis of 83 million devices that are part of the Internet-of-things (IoT) indicates that more and more homes contain smart devices, while also providing further evidence of the notorious lack of security in many IoT devices. The study, carried out by Avast and various academic researchers, found that

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18 Jun 2019

Business travelers, beware: Hackers looking over your shoulder can cause data breaches

A new 3M survey underlines the threat of visual hacking, which is when a threat actor obtains sensitive personal or company data by simply looking over someone’s shoulder. Visual hacking is a major risk to business travelers, 80% of which consider it to be a threat. But despite the high

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13 Jun 2019

Organizations Investing More in ICS Cyber Security: SANS Study

New figures released by SANS indicate that cybersecurity investments aimed to protect industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) are increasing. A little over half of organizations currently rate their risk profile as critical or high. This represents a significant decrease from the last report that was published in

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