29 Jul 2019

66% of SMBs don’t believe they are vulnerable to cyberattacks

A new report by Keeper Security indicates the most business leaders at small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) vastly underestimate the risk that cyber threats pose to their firm. Two in three (66%) respondents said that their organization will not suffer a cyber attack, even though recent research by the Ponemon

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25 Jul 2019

Most SMBs have not identified and documented cybersecurity threats

A new ConnectWise report highlights major shortcomings in the cybersecurity strategies of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). The vast majority of SMBs have not identified and documented cybersecurity threats (69%) nor vulnerabilities (66%), which means that they have no clue about the weak links in their defenses and no way

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23 Jul 2019

Your business hit by a data breach? Expect a bill of $3.92 million

Data breaches have gotten 12% more costly over the past five years, and the average data breach now leads to $3.92 million in losses for the affected organization, a new report by IBM shows. While the costs for smaller firms tend be lower, companies with fewer than 500 people on

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18 Jul 2019

75% of Security Awareness Pros Are Part Time

A new SANS report provides insight into company efforts to increase the security awareness and skills of employees. The study found that only 4.3% of organizations still don’t have a security awareness program, which is a slight improvement compared to two years ago when the number was 7.6%. However, SANS

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17 Jul 2019

CEOs’ Cyber Ignorance Costing Firms Dear

A new RedSeal survey among IT professionals highlights how the reckless or ignorant behavior of CEOs may put companies at risk. A majority (54%) of respondents think that their CEO is undermining the security of their organization by not adhering to internal cybersecurity policies, while 75% of IT professionals want

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12 Jul 2019

Gone phishing: Why summer brings increased security threats to the enterprise

A new report by LastLine shows that cyber risk may be highest during the summer months, with 30.5% of respondents indicating they see more cyber threats during the summer compared to the rest of the year. However, 47.1% said they did not notice seasonal attack trends. As to the specific

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11 Jul 2019

Industry Insight: Checking Up on Healthcare Security

New research by the Ponemon Institute and Censinet shines the spotlight on third-party risk in the healthcare industry. According to the report, the majority (56%) of healthcare organizations were at the receiving end of a data breach caused by one or multiple third-party vendors, costing the industry a total of

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11 Jul 2019

Corporate users struggle to identify phishing attacks, other security threats

A new Proofpoint report shows that cybersecurity awareness among employees is still lower than it should be in many organizations. When asked about various cybersecurity topics, respondents provided wrong answers for 22% of questions, which is higher than last year, when 19% of answers were incorrect. The areas that accounted

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03 Jul 2019

Americans Want to Protect Their Information, but Don’t Know How: Survey

A new YouGov survey exposes a ‘gap between responsibility and action’ when it comes to people’s attitude toward cybersecurity. The report shows that while about 2 out of 3 (66%) Americans feel they are doing everything in their power to protect themselves from cybercrime, and 62% indicate that they ought

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01 Jul 2019

What is and what is not working for security operations teams in securing cloud data

A new report by Delta Risk sheds light on the challenges faced by companies as part of their efforts to migrate IT operations to the cloud. The survey highlights data loss and leakage (64%) as the top cloud security concern for organizations and shows that a majority of companies (54%)

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