27 Jun 2022

Managing risk in blockchain deployments

Trail of Bits has released an operational risk assessment report on blockchain technology. As more businesses consider the innovative advantages of blockchains and, more generally, distributed ledger technologies (DLT), executives must decide whether and how to adopt them. Organizations adopting these systems must understand and mitigate the risks associated with

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16 May 2022

5 Questions Every CSO Should Ask Amidst the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

The world is facing unprecedented geo-political challenges that are impacting businesses everywhere. Amidst the financial strain brought on by the global pandemic, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to surge on — and so have fears of disruptive implications if the hostilities extend to the cyber theater. Since the conflict

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11 May 2022

Cryptocurrency: Speculative Risks

Given the economic uncertainty experienced over recent years, Bitcoin itself having been created in reaction to the 2008 financial crisis and the failure of centralized stores of wealth, investors have naturally turned their attention to alternative sources of investment; cryptocurrency and digital assets being an example of this. Accordingly, cryptocurrencies

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14 Mar 2022

Russia-Ukraine conflict: Overview of risk considerations

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has brought tragic losses of life and destruction across Ukraine, with more than 2 million refugees streaming into neighboring countries in just two weeks. As the heavy bombardment of Ukrainian cities and clashes continue, the rising death toll and unfolding humanitarian disaster are of paramount concern. The crisis

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