23 Aug 2022

Ring Camera Recordings Exposed Due to Vulnerability in Android App

Security researchers at Checkmarx discovered a security vulnerability in Ring surveillance cameras earlier this year. According to the security firm, Amazon has recently published a vulnerability affecting the Android app for the surveillance cameras. The flaw exposed user data as well as video recordings. The app had been installed more

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14 Jan 2021

Ring trials customer video end-to-end encryption for smart doorbells

Ring has created a preview of end-to-end encryption for home video feeds. The feature is being rolled out to customers this week by the Amazon-owned smart doorbell. After feedback proves the encryption to be successful, the encryption will eventually be offered to users as an opt-in feature. Ring has come

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30 Dec 2020

New Lawsuit Takes Aim at Ring After Smart Doorbell Hijacking

Amazon Ring users are suing the manufacturer following a series of hacks on the smart camera devices. The class-action lawsuit joins together complaints filed by 30 users spanning 15 families. The families allege that the company has not provided updated security measures despite the onslaught of security incidents, furthering that

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23 Dec 2020

Smart Doorbell Disaster, Many Brands Vulnerable to Attack

Doorbells that have been created to allow homeowners to see and protect themselves from unwanted visitors can potentially cause more security issues than they protect from. Last week, the NCC group published a report assessing smart doorbell models made by Victure, Qihoo, and Accfly, and three other vendors. The report

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28 Sep 2020

Ring’s Flying In-Home Camera Drone Escalates Privacy Worries

Cybersecurity experts have expressed concern over a new development from Amazon’s Ring division, which unveiled a new drone feature on its Always Home Camera. The robot drone can fly around the customers’ homes, taking security footage while doing so. This has caused an outcry of concerns over several privacy aspects,

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01 Sep 2020

FBI warned of how Ring doorbell surveillance can be used against police officers

According to leaked documents, smart doorbell vendors such as Amazon’s Ring create concerns on behalf of law enforcement on how their use of IoT technology can pose a risk to the security of police officers. Homeowners implement IoT doorbell technology to provide their homes with heightened security at each point

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06 Jul 2020

House Subcommittee Again Takes Aim at Amazon over Ring Surveillance

The House Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy has been pursuing Amazon over the company’s Ring doorbell camera technology as concerns over privacy, surveillance, and civil liberties continue to increase. The subcommittee Chairman wrote a letter on Thursday seeking assurances from Amazon that the Ring Inc. subsidiary would adhere to

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18 Jun 2020

Police Ties to Ring Home Surveillance Come Under Scrutiny

Civil liberties advocates are calling upon Amazon to end its partnerships with law enforcement agencies through its Ring home surveillance cameras. According to Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight for the Future, the camera registries will serve to exacerbate existing forms of discrimination. Fight for the Future is a civil

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19 Feb 2020

Ring Forces 2FA On All Users to Secure Cameras from Hackers

Today, the Amazon-owned company Ring announced that they will enforce mandatory two-factor authentication on all user accounts. Ring also stated that they will include additional security and privacy controls over third-party service providers to further protect its customers after several security incidents earlier this year. The new roll-out will include

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18 Feb 2020

Ring cameras can help you spy on your neighbors, but they haven’t really helped police

Amazon’s Ring home security devices have been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes and have been advertised as a way to secure homes by providing video footage whenever someone rings the doorbell. However, two recent articles have exposed that the company’s work with law enforcement to provide additional security

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