16 Sep 2021

REvil/Sodinokibi Ransomware Universal Decryptor Key Is Out

Bitdefender collaborated with law enforcement to create a key that would release data encrypted in ransomware attacks before the REvil ransomware gang disappeared from the internet on July 13. The universal decryption key will be free for victims of REvil ransomware attacks. The firm announced that it will be passing

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29 Jul 2021

BlackMatter & Haron, Evil Ransomware Newborns or Rebirths

According to researchers, disappeared ransomware groups DarkSide and REvil have simply rebranded as Haron and BlackMatter. The two ransomware groups took down their leak sites and forums, going dark over the past several months. However, researchers claim that Haron and BlackMatter contain many of the hallmarks of the formerly active

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26 Jul 2021

Kaseya Obtains Universal Decryptor for REvil Ransomware

Reports have emerged that Kaseya has obtained a master decryptor key to mitigate the effects of a REvil ransomware attack that disrupted and locked up the systems of at least 60 of its customers. It is unclear if the ransom demand was paid to access the decryption key. Kaseya stated

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06 Jul 2021

REvil Group Demands $70 Million for ‘Universal Decryptor’

REvil, the group behind the damaging supply chain ransomware attack on a US software company Kaseya, has reportedly demanded $70 million in return for a universal decryption key. Researchers claim that there could be as many as 1,500 companies impacted globally. It is unclear which ransomware affiliate was used to

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15 Jun 2021

REvil Claims Responsibility for Invenergy Hack

Ransomware group REvil has claimed responsibility for an attack in Invenergy, a US-based renewable energy company headquartered in Chicago. The company allegedly launched an investigation of its network after it detected unauthorized activity on some of its systems. On Friday, the company issued a statement confirming that its operations were

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14 Jun 2021

REvil Hits US Nuclear Weapons Contractor

Sol Oriens, a US subcontractor for the Department of Energy that works on nuclear weapons was hit by a cyberattack last month that was allegedly the work of the infamous REvil ransomware gang. REvil posted a statement to its website that states that the malicious organization boasts the right to

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10 Jun 2021

JBS Paid $11M to REvil Gang Even After Restoring Operations

Following a cyberattack that forced JBS Foods to take some of its systems and services offline, the company allegedly paid $11 million in ransom to the ransomware gang REvil. The CEO of JBS stated that the decision was made to avoid any further issues or potential problems for its customers.

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22 Apr 2021

DoJ Launches Ransomware Taskforce as Apple Hit by Extortion Attempt

The US Department of Justice has launched a new task force that aims to combat and research ransomware attacks following an attack on Apple in which the infamous threat group REvil claims to have stolen the company’s trade secrets via a supplier. The group reportedly posted a blog to its

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16 Mar 2021

REvil Group Claims Slew of Ransomware Attacks

The REvil ransomware threat group has claimed responsibility for a recent campaign in which nine organizations were impacted. The threat group has allegedly infected nine different organizations located across Africa, Europe, Mexico, and the US. The REvil group uses the Sodinokibi ransomware to compromise networks and devices. The organizations include

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18 Aug 2020

Hackers Stole 1 Terabyte Of Data From Billion-Dollar U.S. Liquor Maker

REvil ransomware launched an attack against Brown-Forman, the Kentucky based company that runs liquor brands such as Jack Daniels, Finlandia vodka, and Korbel champagne. REvil reportedly stole over 1 terabyte of data from the company, demanding payment and threatening to leak the information. REvil operators allegedly had access to the

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