10 Jan 2022

Thousands protest COVID curbs in Europe amid omicron surge

Thousands of people took part in demonstrations against COVID-19 restrictions on Sunday in Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Germany. Weekend demonstrations broke out in the EU after governments have imposed tighter curbs and rules to encourage COVID shots and booster shots. As the omicron variant is increasing cases in the

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03 Jan 2022

France cuts isolation times and plans crackdown on unvaccinated amid record surge in Covid cases

On Monday, new restrictions will come into affect across France due to the rising toll of Covid-19 Omicron cases on the country and its population. The variant’s rapid spread across France has prompted the government to cut isolation times for those who are vaccinated and more to further isolate the

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18 Feb 2021

Iran to Tightly Restrict Inspectors’ Access if U.S. Sanctions Not Lifted

Iran has warned that it plans to restrict inspectors’ access to monitoring the country’s nuclear activities next week if the US fails to lift economic sanctions. Iran has been heavily pushing for sanctions to be dropped since President Joe Biden took office last January. Iran had already indicated that it

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25 Jan 2021

Dutch PM Mark Rutte condemns curfew riots as ‘criminal violence’

Over the weekend, thousands of Dutch protestors gathered in the southern city of Eindhoven to express discontent with new curfews enacted to restrict the spread of Covid-19. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte condemned the riots, calling them an act of “criminal violence.” Protestors looted supermarkets, smashed shop windows, and threw

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27 Apr 2020

Italy’s PM outlines lockdown easing measures

After declining numbers of cases over the past few weeks, Italy has outlined its plans to ease restrictions after seven weeks of lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak within the nation, which has been the hardest-hit European country. Starting on May 4, Italians will be allowed to visit relatives in

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27 Apr 2020

New Zealand claims ‘elimination’ of coronavirus with new cases in single digits

On Monday, New Zealand announced that the country would move to ease restrictions after testing showed new cases in the single figures. At a news conference, the country reported just one new case, four probable cases, and one new death. The low number of cases shows that New Zealand’s goal

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22 Apr 2020

Nations ease some virus restrictions yet public still wary

This past week, some nations have begun to ease coronavirus restrictions to relieve countries’ struggling economies, however, many citizens are still wary of returning to work and daily life. Small shops reopened on Wednesday in Berlin, as well as in Denmark and Austria. In the US, some states are beginning

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21 Apr 2020

Ghana lifts lockdown, citing improved testing and ‘severe’ impact on the poor

After just three weeks, Ghanian President Nana Akufo-Addo has lifted lockdown measures in two cities, stating that there had been improved COVID-19 testing and that the impact of the restrictions had been severe on the poor and vulnerable populations in the country. Nonessential businesses in Accra and Kumasi will be

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07 Apr 2020

Coronavirus: China reports no Covid-19 deaths for first time

On Tuesday, China reported no COVID-19 deaths for the first time in months. The National Health Commission stated that the country only had 32 confirmed cases, which is down by 7 since Monday’s total of 39. The low reports come as the government is under scrutiny as to whether it

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23 Jan 2020

Trump Administration Plans to Expand Travel Restrictions to Seven Countries

The Trump administration announced plans to add seven countries to the list of nations subject to travel restrictions. The countries in which immigrants and travelers will be restricted include Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania. The countries will not face bans on travel to the US but could

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