20 Jan 2021

Air Force, Korean Partners Unveil Plan to Co-Fund ‘Breakthrough’ Quantum Research

A new collaboration aiming to fund breakthrough Quantum Research has been announced by the US Air Force and two previously existing Korean research partners. The group released a joint solicitation offering three-year grants to initiate innovation and headway in quantum information science. The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR)

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09 Sep 2020

Master the Skill of Spies, Investigators and Journalists to Better Your Business – OODA Training Event

Back by popular demand! What if you could land new clients, build relationships with investors and partners, and develop new contacts simply by asking more, and saying less? Add the art of inquiring to your skills repertoire from a journalist-turned-corporate investigator, who has leveraged the potent act of asking, and listening, to turn strangers into sources and contacts into clients.

This business-specific human intelligence training will teach you how to identify and contact knowledgeable people – prospective clients, partners and subject matter experts, for instance – and harness unique insight from purposeful conversations with them. You’ll learn how a shift, from presenting to asking, will transform how you cultivate leads, build relationships and consummate deals.

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25 Jun 2020

Medical Devices Among Most Risky to Security

Forescout Device Cloud has identified several points of risk inherent to device type, industry sector, and cybersecurity policies through analyzing data and metrics. The company concluded that medical devices, physical access operations, and networking equipment are at high risk for cyberattacks. The data points were correlated from 11 million devices

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03 Jun 2020

Half of US CISOs Have Suffered 10+ Cloud Breaches

According to new research conducted by Ermetic, a cloud security vendor, has concluded that almost 80% of US companies have suffered from at least one cloud security breach in the past year and a half. Misconfiguration remains the number one concern among CISOs, according to industry research. Ermetic commissioned the

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19 May 2020

Federal Researchers Create ‘Second Skin’ to Shield Against Biological Threats

A team of scientists and researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have developed a breathable and protective smart fabric that is designed to shield wearers by reacting to chemical and biological agents. Researchers from the lab as well as the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology and the US Army Combat Capabilities

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11 May 2020

National Lab Scientists Work to Reprogram Genes to Fight COVID-19

Researchers at the Sandia National Laboratory are researching genetic sequencing tools and CRISPR technology that may aid scientists in combatting COVID-19. The laboratory’s long-term vision and efforts to genetically engineer antiviral countermeasures could help prevent future outbreaks as well as quell the current one. CRISPR technologies allow researchers to alter

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28 Apr 2020

Republican Lawmakers Propose Bill to Support Government COVID-19 Research Effort

Earlier this week, nine House Republicans introduced legislation that would codify a range of federal research efforts combatting COVID-19, as well as strategically boosting the technology capabilities of the government to foresee future health threats. The bill, which was introduced by Rep. Frank Lucas as well as eight other co-sponsors,

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17 Mar 2020

Government Partnership Offers Cash Prizes for AI Tools That Support Coronavirus Research

The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) was recently created to work on developing vaccines and cures for the ongoing pandemic. The White House and industry partners announced that CORD-19 will offer a new data repository that allows all to gain access to the best research on the coronavirus effort. The

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15 Jan 2019

Criminals wielding Ryuk ransomware specialize in targeting enterprises

Research by CrowdStrike and FireEye sheds light on the success and modus operandi of Grim Spider, the threat group behind Ryuk ransomware. Over the last six months, Grim Spider has only gone after enterprises, a strategy that seems to be paying off, since the threat actors have already earned about $3,7 million

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