29 Jan 2021

BlackBerry execs sold shares as Reddit-driven rally started

This week, three BlackBerry executives sold a total of $1.7 million of the company’s stock in the early days of its dramatic increase in the share price. BlackBerry and other highly shorted stocks have soared over the past few days as traders organizing on social media platforms like Reddit took

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10 Aug 2020

Reddit Attack Defaces Dozens of Channels

Over the weekend, dozens of Reddit channels were defaced with spam content related to Donald Trump and his 2020 campaign. The incidents draw parallels with the recent Twitter attack in which hackers took over major accounts, including verified accounts for politicians and celebrities. Most of the defaced Reddit channels are

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10 Dec 2019

Reddit: US-UK NHS ‘Sale’ Docs Leaked by Russia

Reddit announced that it has banned 61 accounts and one subreddit after post-Brexit US-UK trade deal documents were leaked on the platform as part of a Russian influence campaign. Reddit launched an investigation into the leaked documents and found that the users posting the documents may be associated with a

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11 Jan 2019

Reddit users locked out of accounts after “security concern”

Reddit has informed a large number of users about a “security concern” that requires them to reset their passwords. The security concern refers to unusual user behavior spotted by Reddit admins, which indicated a credential-stuffing attack affecting many accounts. One Reddit admin explained that the company suspects threat actors were

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