31 Mar 2022

Web3 Security: How to Reduce Your Cyber Risk

OODA has a deep heritage in red teaming enterprise and advanced technologies. In cybersecurity, a Red Team is a group of experienced professionals authorized and organized to test a system using realistic methods of a real adversary. The objective of a Red Team is to improve security by emulating the objectives and tactics of real-world attackers and then mitigating the attack surface and vulnerabilities revealed in the testing.

Web3 technologies would greatly benefit from red teaming. Seemingly great innovations get fielded without sufficient security controls, resulting in impactful incidents. How bad are these incidents? As of March 2022 Web3 incidents have resulted in over $61 Billion in losses since 2011. OODA recommends Web3 developers and projects focus Red Team efforts on six key areas:

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07 Oct 2021

Digital Self Sovereignty and Avoiding the Long Night with John Robb

John is one of the most disruptive thinkers of our time and is capable of drilling down on critical issues like security, society, and technology with deep authority and insights. In this conversation we cover a lot of topics, including John’s concept of OODA Shear, data and digital self sovereignty, Afghanistan, AI, Bitcoin, and the role networked tribes play in modern life. We also dig into the idea of Long Night and how to ensure innovation without consolidating power into platforms of corporate and government censorship.

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03 Sep 2020

OODAcast: Jim Miller on Managing Policy in an Age of Constant Disruption and Dynamic Threats

Jim Miller has worked for four decades on a combination of private and public sector initiatives focused on addressing a wide variety of national security threats.  He has held numerous positions within the Department of Defense including serving as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and has been awarded the DoD’s highest civilian award four times.

In this OODAcast, we discuss a wide variety of topics including how to use red teaming to plan for emerging threats and opportunities, how to bridge the gap between planning and execution, lessons-learned from 40 years of working with  top strategists and thinkers, and the emerging threat landscape.

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26 Dec 2019

Towards 2020 – The Most Popular Stories on OODA Loop for 2019

The top stories on OODA Loop provide good insight into what issues will be top of mind for executives and experts going into 2020.  Here are the 20 most popular posts of the year.

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03 Dec 2019

OODA Network Interview: Dr. James N. Miller

One of our nation’s best strategic thinkers, Dr. James N. Miller has spent his career helping the Department of Defense make good, unbiased policy decisions.  He has also worked extensively in academia, helped establish the Center for New American Security (CNAS), and worked to establish the Defense Adaptive Red Team to address a whole host of emerging threat issues.  In this interview, he describes his career progression and the thinking and leadership models that have enabled him to think through solutions to our most complex national security problems.

“Defending our democracy from truth decay and the decline of bipartisanship is our most pressing National risk.”

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22 Oct 2015

10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned Over 20 Years

I’ve been a red teamer for twenty years now, perhaps even longer, but I didn’t know what to call it until 1995 when I started working with the Department of Defense. I’ve also been fortunate to participate in or lead hundreds of red teams within many divergent disciplines ranging from

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13 Mar 2014

Top 13 Favorite Reads of Red Team Students

Browne, M. N., & Keeley, S. M. (2007). Asking the right questions: A guide to critical thinking (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Demarest, G., & Foreign Military Studies Office. (2011). Winning insurgent war: Back to basics. Fort Leavenworth, Kan.: Foreign Military Studies Office. Dörner, D. (1996). The

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13 Mar 2014

Red Team Handbook

The concept of “Red Teaming” has made its way into Joint and Army Doctrine. Commander’s integration and understanding of Red Teaming is evident in the commitment of resources to support decision making. Red Teams are found in Combatant Commands’ Joint Intelligence Operations Centers, the Department of the Army and Navy

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13 Mar 2013

The Role and Status of DoD Red Teaming Activities

DSB Report on the state of Red Teaming within DOD The Role and Status of DoD Red Teaming Activities

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