25 Feb 2022

Blockchain Technology Is Changing The Real Estate Industry

On February 10, 2022, the first NFT-based property was bought through an auction on Propy, a blockchain-focused real estate company. The Florida home was sold for $653,163 worth of Ether, and the home’s property rights were minted as an NFT on the blockchain as a digital representation of ownership over

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14 Feb 2022

The risks and rewards of investing in the metaverse real estate boom

There’s a land rush happening — and it’s not in New York City or Beverly Hills. Early speculators, professional real estate agents, and celebrities are buying up land that doesn’t even exist in the real world. They are investing in metaverse real estate, a concept mind-boggling to most people. So,

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01 Feb 2022

Metaverse real estate sales top $500 million, and are projected to double this year

Sales of real estate in the metaverse topped $500 million last year and could double this year, according to investors and analytics firms. Real estate sales on the four major metaverse platforms reached $501 million in 2021, according to MetaMetric Solutions. Sales in January topped $85 million, the metaverse data provider

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05 Jan 2022

How to Invest in the Metaverse

In 1992, writer Neal Stephenson released his third novel titled “Snow Crash.” In it, Stephenson’s characters interact in a completely digital environment where appearances can be changed on a whim and digital real estate is just as valuable as its real-life counterpart. Stephenson called his digital environment, the Metaverse. Twenty-eight years

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21 Dec 2021

3 Benefits to Becoming a Landlord in the Metaverse

May you live in interesting times — it’s a phrase that isn’t a blessing or a curse, but a daunting prescription to those who tingle with the entrepreneurial spirit. Interesting times for us can mean a lot of things, but they almost always represent exploring uncharted financial territory. “May you

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26 Nov 2021

Plot of digital land in the metaverse sells for record $2.43 million

Virtual real estate is on a tear. A plot of virtual land in the online world known as Decentraland sold this week for a whopping $2.43 million, more than double the previous record set for the price of virtual real estate. Decentraland is a popular online environment where users can exchange cryptocurrencies

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24 Nov 2021

How Landshare Is Transforming Real Estate Investments Power By The Blockchain

Blockchain technology has opened a vast array of use cases across different sectors of the economy. As inflation rises, institutions and investors look for a way to generate revenues. In that sense, the crypto industry offers great opportunities often by innovating and improving an aspect, feature, or assets already consolidated

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18 Oct 2021

Blockchain brings the sharing economy to real estate investing

Fractional ownership of buildings and property developments is becoming one of the adoption areas for blockchain technology in the real estate business. From democratizing access to real estate investment to improving liquidity in the market, there is an argument to be made for tokenization being a net positive for the

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25 Sep 2018

Hackers Target Real Estate Deals, With Devastating Impact

“A report by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center said the number of victims of email fraud involving real estate transactions rose 1,110 percent between 2015 to 2017 and losses rose nearly 2,200 percent. Nearly 10,000 people reported being victims of this kind of fraud in 2017 with losses over

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06 Aug 2018

Here’s How America Uses Its Land – Infographic Breakdown

The U.S. economy is the largest in the world and expanded at a rate of 4.1% last quarter. But how is the vast expanse of land from the East Coast to the West Coast used according to U.S. Department of Agriculture categories? The following series of infographics explores the relationships

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