14 Mar 2022

Ransomware Gang Threatens to Leak Files Stolen From Tire Giant Bridgestone

A cyberattack against tire and rubber giant Bridgestone Americas came to light in late February. Bridgestone disconnected many of its manufacturing and retreading facilities from its network at the time, causing some plant operations to be shut down. A cybercrime gang that has been using LockBit 2.0 ransomware took credit

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14 Mar 2022

Russia may try to dodge sanctions using ransomware payments, warns US Treasury

The US Treasury has warned that Russia may be attempting to avoid sanctions placed on them by western countries by utilizing ransomware payments. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network stated that an alert has been sent for financial institutions to prevent Russia from evading the restrictions placed on them by the

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11 Mar 2022

NetWalker ransomware affiliate extradited to the US for further charges

An affiliate of the NetWalker ransomware gang has been sentenced to seven years in prison by Canadian courts. The sentencing came at the end of January, although the individual was extradited to the US on Wednesday. There, he will face further charges related to his participation in the gang. The

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10 Mar 2022

Alleged hacker behind Kaseya ransomware attack extradited, arraigned in Texas

Yaroslav Vasinskyi is accused of being connected to the Sodinokibi/REvil ransomware group. He was extradited and arraigned in a Dallas, Texas court on Wednesday. The Justice Department, in November, said the 22-year-old was behind the July 2021 ransomware attack against Kaseya. The attack crippled hundreds of companies around the world

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08 Mar 2022

This ransomware group has gone after critical infrastructure firms again and again

The FBI has issued an alert pertaining to the RagnarLocker ransomware gang, which uses carefully designed techniques such as running ransomware inside a virtual machine. This process helps to evade antivirus detection and allows the RagnarLocker threat actors to remain hidden for an extended period of time. The FBI stated

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07 Mar 2022

‘Ticking time bomb’: Russian ransomware attacks are coming. What small businesses should do right now.

As Russian military forces escalate attacks in Ukraine, the United States is bracing for another kind of invasion closer to home. The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has increased monitoring of ransomware targeting businesses. Jen Easterly, who heads CISA, says the nation should brace for “an uptick

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02 Mar 2022

Nvidia Admits Hackers Stole Employee and Internal Data

Nvidia, a US chip giant, has confirmed that it suffered from an apparent ransomware attack on its networks. Nvidia stated that it appears some internal data was stolen after originally making few statements on the attack. Last week, Nvidia claimed that its business and commercial activities were uninterrupted. After investigating

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01 Mar 2022

Healthcare Org Hit By Two Ransomware Gangs At Once

Security experts at Sophos have reported a recent scenario in which two competing threat groups deployed ransomware on the victim’s network simultaneously. One of the groups was the Russia-linked Conti APT while the other is known as Karma. Karma counts Russian IP addresses among some of its top targets. The

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28 Feb 2022

Microsoft Exchange Bugs Exploited by ‘Cuba’ Ransomware Gang

A ransomware gang known as Cuba is reportedly leveraging Microsoft Exchange bugs such as ProxyShell and ProxyLogon as initial infection vectors in its attacks. The threat actor has been attempting to break into organization’s networks as part of a campaign that began last August, says Mandiant. Mandiant reported that the

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25 Feb 2022

Iran’s hackers are using these tools to steal passwords and deliver ransomware, say FBI and CISA

Hackers with ties to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security are using a wide range of exploits to carry out its cyber espionage goals. The US and UK authorities have released a joint advisory to the pubic regarding the attacks, which are targeting organizations located around the world. The

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