14 Jan 2019

Del Rio City Hall Forced to Use Paper After Ransomware Attack

Last Thursday, The City Hall of Del Rio, Texas suffered a ransomware attack. The City’s M.I.S. (Management Information Services) Department responded to the attack by disconnecting the local network from the Internet and prohibiting staff from logging on to their computers, thereby forcing them to perform their duties using only pen and

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11 Jan 2019

McAfee casts doubt on Ryuk ransomware connection to North Korea

Security researchers with McAfee have released a report in which they argue that the recent Ryuk ransomware attack on Tribune Publishing Co., which disrupted the distribution of various major US newspapers, was not carried out by North Korean hackers, as various media outlets have claimed. According to the report, the threat actors

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09 Jan 2019

This old ransomware is using an unpleasant new trick to try and make you pay up

Researchers at cyber security firm Coveware have uncovered a new ransomware campaign in which threat actors try to manipulate victims into paying ransom to regain access to their files, by claiming the money will be donated to charity. The ransomware used in the campaign is CryptoMix, a relatively unknown file-encrypting

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08 Jan 2019

GandCrab Operators Use Vidar Infostealer as a Forerunner

In a disturbing two-stage malvertising attack campaign that highlights the increasingly complex nature of cyber attacks, the threat actors behind the infamous GandCrab ransomware have added Vidar, an information-stealing Trojan to their arsenal. In the first stage of the attack, the Fallout Exploit Kit is used to distribute Vidar. After

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30 Nov 2018

Iranian hacking spree hit hospitals, other entities in 43 US states

“Two Iranian hackers charged Wednesday in a federal indictment were accused of attacking the computer networks of hospitals and other targets in 43 states, a broad criminal extortion campaign that walloped a heart hospital in Kansas and disrupted one of the nation’s largest diagnostic blood testing companies in North Carolina.

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31 Aug 2018

Scammers threaten to review bomb a travel company unless it pays ransom

“One company says a group is attempting to extort it with the threat of spreading a wave of fake, negative reviews and complaints across Instagram and Twitter. ‘We are experts in destroying personal or company reputation online,’ the group, calling itself STD Company, wrote to its targets, according to a

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29 Aug 2018

Why reversible cyberattacks could become standard in digital warfare

“The damage that most military weapons do is irreversible. When a gun fires and a bullet strikes a target, it’s impossible to bring a life back from the dead. But experts say that cyber weapons, which are reversible, can be even more effective precisely because their consequences can be mitigated.

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03 Aug 2018

Government workers in Alaskan town switch to typewriters after cyber-attack

A small Alaskan borough has switched to typewriters while their computer systems are rebuilt following a ransomware attack that disabled nearly all of its 500 computers and 120 servers. The ransomware also extended to some of the department’s back-up data. The borough is not paying the ransom, and the “encrypted

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27 Feb 2017

Internet of Things Teddy Bear Leaked 2 Million Parent and Kids Message Recordings

“A company that sells ‘smart’ teddy bears leaked 800,000 user account credentials—and then hackers locked it and held it for ransom. “ Source: Internet of Things Teddy Bear Leaked 2 Million Parent and Kids Message Recordings – Motherboard

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30 Aug 2016

Increasing Use of Ransomware May Threaten US Civilian Government and Critical Infrastructure Networks

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