08 Jun 2022

A third of organizations hit by ransomware were forced to close temporarily or permanently

Censuswide was recently commissioned by Cybereason to produce a report that details the costs of ransomware to businesses. The report explains how a successful ransomware attack can devastate an organization, and even drive it out of business. The lasting damage than can occur follows companies for months, sometimes years, leading

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30 Jul 2021

US Government Unlikely to Ban Ransomware Payments

Despite controversy over whether businesses and organizations who fall victim to ransomware should meet criminals’ demands, the US government is likely to make it illegal for victims of ransomware attacks to pay the ransom. According to the US Department of Justice, banning this act will only wreak further havoc. Oftentimes,

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15 Mar 2021

Armed men attack another Nigerian school, as 39 students still missing

In Nigeria, armed gunmen attempted to kidnap more students in the Kaduna state on Sunday. 39 students remain missing from the attack, according to official sources. Attacks by armed gangs have intensified across northwest Nigeria over the past few years. In 2021 alone, there have been four mass kidnappings at

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01 Mar 2021

Tether faces 500 Bitcoin ransom

Over the weekend, blockchain organization Tether revealed that they were being asked to pay 500 Bitcoin to threat actors who allegedly plan to leak sensitive company information online if ransom demands are not met. The company has stated that it will refuse to pay the $24 million request, which is

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12 Nov 2020

Ragnar Locker Ransomware Gang Takes Out Facebook Ads in Key New Tactic

Ragnar Locker group has taken out public Facebook ads, threatening to release stolen data obtained from a ransomware attack against Italian liquor seller Campari. The attack occurred on November 3 and resulted in the theft of 2TB of sensitive data. Ragnar operators are demanding a $15 million ransom be paid

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28 May 2020

Ransomware big jump: ransoms grew 14 times in one year

Over the past few years, ransomware has become the most insidious threat to companies as operators’ capabilities increase and ransom demands escalate. A newly published report shows that the average ransom demand has increased more than 10 times in just a year. There are over a dozen notorious ransomware operators

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24 Jan 2020

New York state wants to ban government agencies from paying ransomware demands

Last week, New York state senators proposed two bills that would ban local entities from using taxpayer money to meet ransomware demands sent by threat actor groups. The bills were proposed within two days of each other, with bill S7246 introduced on the 14th and bill S7289 on the 16th.

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13 Jan 2020

Air Travel Cyber-Attacks: New York Airport Hit, Travelex Exchange Held To Ransom

Travelex, a foreign exchange company, was hit by ransomware on New Year’s Eve and later received a hefty ransom request of $3 million. This ransom demand has since doubled to $6 million. If Travelex fails to comply with the ransom demands, sensitive data stolen from the company’s networks will be

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03 Jan 2020

Maze Ransomware Sued for Publishing Victim’s Stolen Data

The anonymous threat actors behind the Maze Ransomware attacks are being sued by a victim after an attack in early December left their information vulnerable. The victim, US company Southwire, claims that Maze accessed their network, stole and encrypted data, and later published the information after Southwire failed to pay

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02 Jan 2020

Ransomware Hackers Have Started Leaking City Of Pensacola Data

Earlier this month, the city of Pensacola, Florida, reported a ransomware attack on the city’s network. The group behind the attack, the Maze Group, threatened to release files obtained in the hack if the$1 million ransom was not paid. A few days ago, a 2GB archive containing data that was

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