22 Apr 2022

Shanghai escalates Covid lockdown restrictions

The enforcement of lockdown measures will be tightened by authorities in Shanghai as a Covid surge continues. Infected people will have door alarms to prevent them from leaving and will be evacuated to disinfect their homes. Hundreds of people were forcibly evacuated from their homes to disinfect the buildings they

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27 Jan 2022

Hong Kong Dials Back One of World’s Longest Covid-19 Quarantines

Officials in Hong Kong have shortened one of the world’s longest remaining quarantine requirements for travelers arriving in the city from three weeks to two. The decision may have been a result of pressure from international business groups over the city’s harsh policies. Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam reported

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28 Dec 2021

US halves isolation time for asymptomatic Covid infection

As the Omicron variant infects thousands across the globe, US health officials have decreased the recommended isolation time for people with asymptomatic Covid-19 infections by half. Instead of quarantining for 10 days, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that individuals who are not experiencing symptoms of the virus may

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06 Apr 2020

US, UK brace for soaring death tolls as pandemic bears down

The US and UK may face an extremely difficult week as the social and financial toll of the COVID-19 pandemic deepens and deaths soar, following in the footsteps of Italy and Spain. New infections in Italy and Spain, however, have been showing signs of slowing. In the UK, Prime Minister

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03 Apr 2020

London Hit by Quarantine Text Scam

London residents have been targeted with fake fine notification texts in which fraudsters tell the victim that they owe money for violating UK lockdown rules. The malicious text is designed to resemble a genuine COVID-19 alert sent by the UK government. Victims who receive the message have reported that it

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01 Apr 2020

Italy Hopeful That Coronavirus Pandemic Is Slowing Down

Italian authorities have reported that COVID-19 infections within the country have slowed after three weeks of lockdown, a sign of hope for other countries that are adhering to similar lockdown policies. Italian officials have stated that they plan to wait until after Easter before they reassess the lockdown and reopen

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24 Mar 2020

New Coronavirus Cases in the U.S. Rise Sharply; Wuhan to Get Lockdown Relief

Beginning April 8, healthy people will be able to leave Wuhan as China has reported very few new domestic infections over the past week. The decision marked a turn around for the city where the virus originated where at least 50,000 have been infected and the entire city has been

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17 Mar 2020

Iran warns virus could kill ‘millions’ in Islamic Republic

On Tuesday, Iran issued its strongest warning to data about the pandemic, suggesting that if the Islamic Republic continues to keep traveling and ignoring health guidance, “millions” of the Islamic Republic residents could die. Iran’s supreme leader also issued a ban on unnecessary domestic travel. Approximately 9/10 of the confirmed

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11 Mar 2020

Coronavirus: Troops sent to New York ‘containment zone’

New York has a newfound ‘containment zone’ in New Rochelle after a reported outbreak causes approximately a thousand individuals to be quarantined. A synagogue in the center of New Rochelle appears to be the source of the recent outbreak. New York currently has only 173 active cases, 108 of which

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