14 Sep 2021

Quantum Computing Use Cases and Post-Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computing is a fascinating, complex, highly technical, sometimes daunting to conceptualize technological breakthrough and driver of the future marketplace. So yes, the promise of quantum computing will happen and is happening. The question is how quantum will have an impact during a growth phase in which the capital expenditure capabilities and strategic concerns are driven more by governmental, governmental agency’s and, in our current climate, non-state actors’ (loosely tethered to nation-states for plausible deniability) ability to deploy adversarial methods only possible with next-generation quantum computational power.

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26 May 2020

House Bill Would Mandate Comprehensive Probe into Quantum Computing Landscape

On Tuesday, Representative Morgan Griffith introduced legislation to the House that would promote US-led advancements within the global quantum computing landscape. If the legislation, the Advancing Quantum Computing Act, passes, it would mandate the Commerce Department’s secretary and other federal officials to investigate quantum computing and its potential implications in

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