15 Dec 2021

Is Taiwan’s Five-year Quantum Computing and Talent Initiative the Wrong Strategy for the Island Nation?

Ukraine may be the Gray-zone in the headlines right now, but Taiwan is the more significant strategic hybrid warfare battlefield, in no small part due to its global leadership in semiconductor manufacturing.  Considering the hype cycle around all things Quantum, you would think it would be positive, sound strategic news that Taiwanese leaders recently announced a strategic initiative focused on quantum computing.  Here are the basics of the Taiwan Quantum Initiative with our analysis of why quantum is the wrong direction strategically for the island nation.

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15 Dec 2021

High-performance computing has become crucial to competitive advantage—in every industry

Data has become both the most abundant and the most valuable resource in today’s business world. According to a recent IDC study, the world generated or replicated an estimated 64.2 zettabytes of data in 2020, with a forecasted compound annual growth rate of 23% through 2025. Data comes in all

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12 Nov 2021

Cryptocurrency faces a quantum computing problem

Cryptocurrencies hold the potential to change finance, eliminating middlemen and bringing accounts to millions of unbanked people around the world. Quantum computers could upend the way pharmaceuticals and materials are designed by bringing their extraordinary power to the process. Here’s the problem: The blockchain accounting technology that powers cryptocurrencies could be

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14 Oct 2021

Where will quantum computing first deliver over traditional computers? One CEO thinks he knows.

Every conversation around quantum computing and its potential to revolutionize industries eventually circles back to two questions: When will it outpace classical computers and where will it be applicable first? For IonQ Inc. President and CEO Peter Chapman, the former question’s answer is complicated. But he thinks he may have an

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12 Oct 2021

Supply Chain Resiliency Critical to Exponential Quantum Computing Innovation and Climate Change Response

The recently released documentary – Quantum Technology: Our Sustainable Future – is arguably one of the best thirty minutes you will spend pondering the future of technology and the challenges of climate change at the same time.

We discovered the film while grappling with the idea of technological innovation grinding to a halt in the U.S. – over the course of the next decade – due to a prolonged, severe shortage in the availability of advanced semiconductors.

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14 Sep 2021

Quantum Computing Use Cases and Post-Quantum Cryptography

Quantum computing is fascinating, complex, highly technical, sometimes daunting to conceptualize technological breakthrough and driver of the future marketplace. So yes, the promise of quantum computing will happen and is happening. The question is how quantum will have an impact during a growth phase in which the capital expenditure capabilities and strategic concerns are driven more by governmental, governmental agency’s and non-state actors’ ability to deploy adversarial methods only possible with next-generation quantum computational power.

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26 Aug 2021

Quantum computers could read all your encrypted data. This ‘quantum-safe’ VPN aims to stop that

Verizon is seeking to promote privacy and protection from future attacks by quantum computers, and recently released what it deems a “quantum-safe” VPN. The company is trailing the use of next-generation cryptography keys to help protect VPNs that are used every day by companies around the world. Verizon has already

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13 Aug 2021

Skyrmions Could Offer (Yet Another) Approach to Quantum Computing

A team of researchers from the US and Singapore recently reported that magnetic skyrmions show great potential in providing a new approach to quantum computing. The team includes experts from the California Institute of Technology and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The group found that skyrmions may serve as qubits

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19 Mar 2021

Updated Executive’s Guide To Quantum Safe Security: Take these steps to make your enterprise quantum proof

This is an update to our Executive’s Guide to Quantum Safe Security, based on a new round of research that has included interviews of OODA Network experts, technology providers and senior executives in enterprises. Quantum Computers will bring new power to adversaries. But when? And what can you do now to mitigate that threat? This report provides insights that can drive your action today.

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08 Mar 2021

China’s Plan for Countering Weaponized Interdependence

In an article entitled “The international environment and countermeasures of network governance during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period” by Xu Xiujun (徐秀军) in the February 27, 2021 edition of China Information Security, we see the continuation of China’s concerns over Weaponized Interdependence and China’s desire to shape a global technology and economic environment that is less influenced by Western power. Xiujun identifies concerns in several interconnected areas including cybersecurity, economic centralization, and advancement in technologies like AI, Quantum, and 5G.

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