22 Feb 2021

The OODA Almanac – 2021 Edition

As a logger and holstein farmer, my grandfather was heavily dependent on the weather for his livelihood. Each year, he purchased a copy of the Old Farmer’s Almanac and it was kept in an easily accessible reading spot for reference. Taken on a day by day basis, the Farmer’s Almanac was not the greatest of guides, but if you took it on a month-by-month basis it claims about an 80% accuracy, which was more than enough to guide generalized decisions about logging and farming environments in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

The OODA Almanac proposes to identify those topics and patterns we see having significance in 2021 to guide your short and long-term decision making. Over the course of 2021, we will continue to inject additional observations on these topics into our analysis or as stand-alone tidbits of observed intelligence (OODINT).

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12 Feb 2021

OODAcast: Vikram Sharma, CEO of Quintessence Labs on Leadership in the Quantum Era

Vikram Sharma is the founder and CEO of Canberra Australia based QuintessenceLabs. His company provides solutions based on quantum technology to strengthen cryptographic key creation and management at scale. This is an urgent need in this era of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, and key to protecting data now and into the future. In this OODAcast we ask Vikram for his views on what every CEO, including non-technical CEOs, need to know about the world of quantum effects. He provides explanations in very clear ways that can help inform business strategies.

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10 Feb 2021

Army-Built Quantum Sensor Can Detect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Other Signals

Army researchers have announced that they have produced a quantum sensor that can detect the complete radio spectrum and pick up Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AM, and FM radio communications on frequencies up to 20GHz. The devices are not ready to be deployed to the field, according to the Army, but could

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20 Jan 2021

Air Force, Korean Partners Unveil Plan to Co-Fund ‘Breakthrough’ Quantum Research

A new collaboration aiming to fund breakthrough Quantum Research has been announced by the US Air Force and two previously existing Korean research partners. The group released a joint solicitation offering three-year grants to initiate innovation and headway in quantum information science. The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFSOR)

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07 Dec 2020

China Stakes Its Claim to Quantum Supremacy

Google won international acclaim for its prototype quantum computer last year, which completed a calculation in minutes that would have taken supercomputer thousands of years. On Thursday, the Chinese quantum research group declared that it had achieved quantum supremacy, citing results acquired with its system called Jiuzhang, which completed calculations

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06 Aug 2020

OODAcast: Bradley Rotter On The Future Of Work, CryptoCurrencies, Quantum Computing and Leadership

Bradley Rotter is a visionary investor who has pioneered investments in many new alternative investments classes including having been an early backer of hedge funds in 1982 while speculating on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He was also an early investor in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ecosystems and at a dinner with OODA CEO Matt Devost in 2012 predicted Bitcoin would exceed the price of gold.

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06 Aug 2020

White House, NSF Launch Partnership to Boost K-12 Access to Quantum Education

Today, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Science Foundation announced that they intend to increase grade school access to quantum information science. Quantum computing and information science demands are on the rise, forcing the US to address education gaps that could hinder the national development

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30 Jul 2020

OODAcast: Andy Lustig On Legal and Due Diligence Support In The High Tech Era

Andrew (Andy) Lustig is a partner at the high tech law firm Cooley, where he focuses on private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions and the general corporate representation of high-growth technology companies in both the commercial and government marketplace. His practice includes a wide range of industry sectors including information technology, national security, cybersecurity, data analytics, software and telecommunications. He also represents a number of leading venture capital and private equity firms.

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22 Jul 2020

White House, NSF Invest $75 Million to Launch Three Quantum Innovation Institutes

According to a statement made on Tuesday by the White House Office of Science and Technology, three US universities will head the new Quantum leap Challanege Institutes project, which aims to research and solve fundamental research hurdles that hinder capabilities. The group will largely focus on issues within quantum information

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26 May 2020

House Bill Would Mandate Comprehensive Probe into Quantum Computing Landscape

On Tuesday, Representative Morgan Griffith introduced legislation to the House that would promote US-led advancements within the global quantum computing landscape. If the legislation, the Advancing Quantum Computing Act, passes, it would mandate the Commerce Department’s secretary and other federal officials to investigate quantum computing and its potential implications in

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