08 Jan 2021

Expert Practitioner and QuintessenceLabs CEO Vikram Sharma on Quantum Effects and Quantum Security

Vikram Sharma is the CEO of QuintessenceLabs, a company he founded to leverage an understanding of how physics works at the quantum level to address some of the biggest issues in cybersecurity. In this discussion at OODAcon, Vikram provided a high level overview of what years of quantum theory and 1000’s of experiments on the nature of reality tell us about the nature of reality, especially reality when measured at the smallest scale.

His insights into the world of quantum mechanics includes a description of some of some very strange observations, which are seen again and again in experiment after experiment.

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08 Sep 2020

Researchers develop secure multi-user quantum communication network

The University of Bristol has developed a secure multi-user quantum communication network, pushing the world one step closer to achieving a totally secure internet. This would eliminate most of the growing threat of cyberattacks such as ransomware and malware attacks. The network could transform how citizens across the world communicate

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