29 Nov 2022

QatarEnergy, ConocoPhillips sign LNG deal for Germany

ConocoPhillips and QatarEnergy have signed sales and purchase agreements to export liquified natural gas to Germany for at least 15 years, beginning in 2026. This is the first deal of its kind with Europe from Qatar’s North Field Expansion project.  The deal will provide Germany with two million tons of

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10 Sep 2021

Flight lands in Qatar after Taliban cleared Americans and others to leave Afghanistan

The first passenger flight to leave Afghanistan after the US military airlift last month landed in Qatar on Thursday. The flight carried more than 100 foreign nationals including Canadian, American, Ukrainian, German, and British citizens. These citizens were among the 200 foreigners that were cleared to leave the country by

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09 Sep 2021

Taliban to Allow 200 Americans, Other Foreigners to Fly Out of Kabul

The Taliban are allegedly allowing for roughly 200 Americans, US permanent residents, and holders of other Western passports to leave the country on a flight to Qatar that is scheduled for Thursday. This marks the first departure by air since US forces withdrew last month, according to American and Qatari

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13 Jan 2021

Arab countries agree to end years-long feud with Qatar that divided Gulf

On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies agreed to restore relations with Qatar. This move ends a three-year boycott of the nation as flights to and from the country will be restarted. In 2017, the diplomatic ties of Qatar were severed with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates

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11 Sep 2020

Pompeo says Afghan negotiations likely to be ‘contentious’

Eagerly anticipated negotiations between opposition parties within Afghanistan’s complex political specter are likely to be contentious, according to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. However, the only way to resolve conflict within the region is likely through negotiations between the two parties, following decades of relentless conflict. Pompeo’s comments

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02 Apr 2019

American Hackers Helped UAE Spy on Al Jazeera Chairman, BBC Host

An investigative report by Reuters claims that a group of former members of the US intelligence community helped the United Arab Emirates (UAE) carry out cyber espionage activities targeting a BBC host, the chairman of Al Jazeera and other prominent Arab media figures in 2017. The espionage campaign took place

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09 Jan 2019

Afghan Taliban cancel peace talks with US officials in Qatar

The Taliban has cancelled peace talks with the US in Qatar after refusing to allow the inclusion of Afghani government officials in the talks, according to both the group and US officials. The Taliban claims that US is their adversary and that the existing Afghani government is a “puppet” government,

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03 Dec 2018

Qatar to leave OPEC and focus on gas as it takes swipe at Riyadh

“Qatar said on Monday it was quitting OPEC from January to focus on its gas ambitions, taking a swipe at the group’s de facto leader Saudi Arabia and marring efforts to show unity before this week’s meeting of exporters to tackle an oil price slide. Doha, one of OPEC’s smallest

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