22 Oct 2020

Bill Would Hold Tech Companies Responsible When Their Algorithms Promote Extremist Content

On Tuesday, House lawmakers proposed a bill that would require tech companies to be responsible for their algorithms’ promotion or amplification of extremist content interfering with civil rights. The legislation is called the Protecting Americans from Dangerous Algorithms Act and would apply to companies with more than 50 million users,

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07 Oct 2020

Facebook bans QAnon conspiracy theory accounts across all platforms

Facebook has effectively banned all accounts linked to the harmful QAnon conspiracy theory group from all of its platforms, quoting violations of company policies and spreading disinformation. The conspiracy group will be removed from all Facebook Pages, Groups, and Instagram accounts. The massive crackdown began yesterday and is a significant

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25 Aug 2020

Russian-backed organizations amplifying QAnon conspiracy theories, researchers say

According to researchers, Russian government-backed actors have played a role in amplifying conspiracy theories created and promoted by the prominent US-based group QAnon. This has raised significant concerns over foreign interference in the US elections, which will occur in November. Researchers state that Russia likely did not have involvement in

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