23 Sep 2019

WeWork’s weak Wi-Fi security leaves sensitive documents exposed

The Wi-Fi networks offered to freelancers and businesses by shared workspace provider WeWork are so poorly secured that they expose highly sensitive information including devices, financial records, client databases, emails and business transactions to everyone on the network. The Wi-Fi security issues were discovered by an employee of one of

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12 Jul 2019

Gone phishing: Why summer brings increased security threats to the enterprise

A new report by LastLine shows that cyber risk may be highest during the summer months, with 30.5% of respondents indicating they see more cyber threats during the summer compared to the rest of the year. However, 47.1% said they did not notice seasonal attack trends. As to the specific

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13 Jun 2019

Personal security and national security concerns are back on the rise

A new report by Unisys sheds light on the personal, Internet, financial and national security concerns of Americans. The research shows that people are most concerned about their online security and financial security. However, concern in these areas stayed the same compared to last year’s report, while worries about national

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12 Apr 2019

Half of security pros would rather walk barefoot in a public restroom than use public Wi-Fi

A new Lastline survey looks at the security habits and views of infosec professionals. The report shows not only that security experts avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks because these are hard to secure, but also that 45% of respondents would even choose entering a public restroom barefoot over using

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17 Oct 2018

Is airport public Wi-Fi cyber-secure?

“A 2018 report published by security experts Coronet ranked the 45 busiest airports in the US in which passengers were most likely to be subject to a cyberattack, with San Diego International Airport coming in at the top of the list. And these risks weren’t minor. At San Diego alone,

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07 Sep 2018

Business Travelers Highlight Public Wifi Security Risk

“The latest research by global travel management company Carlson Wagonlit Travel indicates that the majority of business travelers have grave reservations about the safety of their data when using public Wifi networks. According to the research 72% of travelers in the Asia Pacific region were not confident about the safety

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