20 Jan 2023

Lebanon MPs sit in as 11th vote for president fails

Two politicians have spent the night inside Lebanon’s parliament building to protest MP’s failure to elect a new president for the 11th time. The two, Najat Saliba and Melhem Khalaf refused to leave the chamber until after the latest round of voting. The outgoing president’s term ended on October 31

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15 Nov 2022

Violent protests in Guangzhou put zero Covid curbs under strain

Residents in southern China’s Guangzhou escaped a mandatory lockdown and clashed with police in anger over strict coronavirus restrictions. Riot teams have been deployed to the area after police vehicles have been overturned and Covid-19 control barriers were torn down.  The riots follow Guangzhou’s worst Covid-19 outbreak since the beginning

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31 Oct 2022

Hundreds of Iranian journalists call for the release of two colleagues jailed in Evin prison

Hundreds of Iranian journalists are calling for Iran to release their colleagues Niloofar Hamedi and Elaheh Mohammadi from Tehran’s Elvin prison. The two journalists were arrested for covering the death of Mahsa Amini. A statement was signed by over 300 journalists, photographers and media activists calling for their release and

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26 Sep 2022

Russian Military-Recruitment Centers Attacked Amid Mobilization Pushback

Last week, Russia announced plans to mobilize 300,000 individuals to fight in the ware against Ukraine. Tensions have grown since the announcement after two military recruitment centers were attacked. In addition, lines of draft-age men have accumulated at Russia’s borders and in airports as the men attempt to leave the

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21 Mar 2022

Pro-Ukraine ‘Protestware’ Pushes Antiwar Ads, Geo-Targeted Malware

Researchers are tracking a number of open-source “protestware” projects on GitHub that have recently altered their code to display “Stand with Ukraine” messages for users, or basic facts about the carnage in Ukraine. The group also is tracking several code packages that were recently modified to erase files on computers

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14 Feb 2022

U.S.-Canada Bridge Reopens After Police Clear Protest

On Sunday, commercial passenger traffic resumed on the bridge connecting Detroit and the Canadian city of Ontario after a week of protests that halted all traffic over the bridge. A group of truckers banded together to fight against Covid-19 restrictions, piling up on the bridge and preventing any pass-through. The

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10 Feb 2022

Freedom Convoy: Paris protest banned by police ahead of arrival

The Freedom Convoy protests were planned for Friday in Paris after Canada’s trucker protests have been occurring in Ottawa for days. Convoys from across France have begun moving towards Paris to copy the Canadian protests. The Paris Police have banned the demonstrations and will be enforcing the laws against interfering

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13 Jan 2022

French teachers strike in protest at Covid-19 school protocols

Teachers in France have gone on strike to protest Covid-19 protocols in schools. Teachers are accusing changes to France’s Covid-19 testing requirements of causing chaos and putting teachers’ lives in danger. The French Ministry of Education told CNN that roughly 31% of all schoolteachers were on strike on Thursday. The

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11 Nov 2021

‘Captain America’ Protester Gets Nearly Six Years in Prison for Hong Kong Mall Chants

Ma Chun, a 30-year-old former food deliveryman has been sentenced to five years in jail after protesting carrying a Captain America shield. China maintains that Mr. Ma was guilty of promoting independence, a sentence that carries tough penalties for public dissent. Mr. Ma was charged under the national security law

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19 Oct 2021

Myanmar to release 5,600 prisoners held for anti-junta protests

According to local media reports, Myanmar’s junta released hundreds of political prisoners on Tuesday. The prisoners were being held on charges related to protests and similar activity, serving time at the Insein prison in Yangon. The junta announced its plans to release the individuals arrested for protesting against the military

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