13 Jan 2022

French teachers strike in protest at Covid-19 school protocols

Teachers in France have gone on strike to protest Covid-19 protocols in schools. Teachers are accusing changes to France’s Covid-19 testing requirements of causing chaos and putting teachers’ lives in danger. The French Ministry of Education told CNN that roughly 31% of all schoolteachers were on strike on Thursday. The

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11 Nov 2021

‘Captain America’ Protester Gets Nearly Six Years in Prison for Hong Kong Mall Chants

Ma Chun, a 30-year-old former food deliveryman has been sentenced to five years in jail after protesting carrying a Captain America shield. China maintains that Mr. Ma was guilty of promoting independence, a sentence that carries tough penalties for public dissent. Mr. Ma was charged under the national security law

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19 Oct 2021

Myanmar to release 5,600 prisoners held for anti-junta protests

According to local media reports, Myanmar’s junta released hundreds of political prisoners on Tuesday. The prisoners were being held on charges related to protests and similar activity, serving time at the Insein prison in Yangon. The junta announced its plans to release the individuals arrested for protesting against the military

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07 Sep 2021

Taliban fire warning shots at protest in Kabul

On Tuesday, hundreds of protestors took to the streets of Kabul to denounce Taliban rule and demand women’s rights. They were met with warning shots fired by Taliban forces to disperse the large crowd in the capital. Video footage shows protestors fleeing the scene while heavy gunfire is audible in

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19 Aug 2021

Protests against Afghan Taliban spread in early signs of resistance

Flag-waving protestors took to the streets of Afghan cities on Thursday to protest the Taliban. Witnesses claimed a crowd in Asadabad saw a few casualties, though it is unclear if the casualties were resulting from Taliban interference or a stampede. These rallies, along with the thousands of people scrambling to

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27 Jul 2021

First person charged under national security law found guilty in Hong Kong

In a landmark ruling, the first person to be charged under the controversial Hong Kong national security law imposed by China has been found guilty. The man, Tong Ying-kit, was charged with inciting secession and terrorism after he rode a motorbike into police while flying a flag calling for the

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19 Jul 2021

More than 70 killed in South Africa protests after former leader Jacob Zuma is jailed

Last week protests erupted across South Africa after former President Jacob Zuma turned himself in to authorities to serve a 15-month jail sentence for contempt of court. Zuma refused to appear at an anti-corruption commission where he was set to face several allegations, including bribery and fraud. Zuma has denied

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07 Jan 2021

Biden victory confirmed after four die amid Capitol riot

Yesterday afternoon, armed supporters of President Trump transformed a peaceful protest into a historic event, storming the Capitol building while the Senate was in session and forcing the Congressmen and women to evacuate and endure a lockdown. One woman was shot dead by police while trying to enter the building

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13 Jan 2020

Iran Faces Growing Criticism at Home, Abroad Over Downing of Ukrainian Plane

A second day of protests spread beyond Iran’s capital Tehran as demonstrators took to the streets to display discontent over the recent plane crash. Iranian officials admitted that armed forces accidentally shot down a Ukranian passenger airliner despite previous denials. Iran has faced international backlash and domestic criticism since officials

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05 Dec 2019

Macron pension reform: France paralyzed by biggest national strike in years

A nationwide strike in France has severely disrupted daily activity, including schools and transportation, as workers protest an increase in retirement age with the consequence of reduced pensions. School and transportation employees joined with police, lawyers, and hospital staff for a walkout that may include millions of people. This may

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