16 Aug 2021

Islamic State Propaganda Networks are Thriving says Europol

Europol has warned that although official propaganda from the Islamic State has reportedly declined since 2020 due to disruptions from Western coalition forces, informal supporter networks are alive and well. The law enforcement agency detailed the key trends of last year, noting the persistence of terrorist content across multiple online

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26 Mar 2019

Facebook Removes Fake Iranian Network Targeting Millions of Foreign Citizens

Facebook recently took down hundreds of accounts, pages, and groups that were part of propaganda networks tied to Iran, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo, the social media giant announced on Tuesday. The biggest network of “coordinated inauthentic behavior” was linked to Iran and primarily focused on promoting narratives critical of the

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28 Feb 2019

A Senate Report Has Slammed the Chinese Learning Centers Operating at Over 100 U.S. Universities

A new report by the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs portrays Chinese learning centers at over 100 US universities as elements in China’s global propaganda apparatus. The report states that the learning centers, all of which belong to the Confucius Institute, intend to “change the impression

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25 Jan 2019

Exclusive: Google Caught Hosting Hezbollah’s Violent Android Games

In December of last year, Google removed two games from the Play Store after Forbes provided evidence that the applications were developed by Hezbollah, a Lebanese Islamist militant group that the U.S. and various other Western and Middle-Eastern countries consider to be a terrorist organization. The games were Holy Defense, in

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03 Dec 2018

Al Qaeda tries to capitalize on Saudi controversy

Well-versed in modern media strategies, Al Qaeda is using the Saudi Arabia controversy to its advantage. In the past weeks, the organization has published two essays on the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, advancing an interpretation of the two countries’ relationship that portrays Saudi Arabia as the slave to President Trump

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