15 Oct 2019

Most expect the risk of privileged user abuse to increase

A new study by Sila and Ponemon Institute found that 62% companies provide employees with user privileges they do not actually need in order to do their job. Moreover, 70% of North Americans believe that as a result of these shortcomings in privileged access management (PAM), employees in their organization

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26 Sep 2019

Access Rights Not Updated for 45% of Employees Who Change Roles

A new study by Ivanti shows that many firms fail to securely manage network access rights for employees who change jobs within the same organization. 45% of survey respondents said their company failed to strip them of access rights that became unnecessary when they started in a new role. In

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27 Feb 2019

74% Of Data Breaches Start With Privileged Credential Abuse

A new Centrify survey shows that privileged access credential abuse is a major threat, yet organizations are doing a poor job in terms of managing privileged access and securing privileged credentials. That research found that 74% of data breaches involved privileged access credential abuse. However, less than half (48%) of

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