04 Nov 2020

Police launch pilot program to tap resident Ring camera live streams

A new pilot program will take place in Jackson, Mississippi, and allow law enforcement to utilize private surveillance devices as part of criminal investigations. The program’s trial will last 45 days and uses technology provided by IT consultancy firm Pileum and cloud-based video sensor producer Fusus. Up to five city-owned

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20 Oct 2020

Singapore’s World-First Face Scan Plan Sparks Privacy Fears

Singapore is planning on becoming the world’s first country to utilize facial recognition technology to identify citizens, alarming privacy advocates. Singapore announced plans to implement biometric checks to access government agencies, banking services, and other amenities through a face-scan. Some researchers say that the intrusive system is vulnerable to abuse,

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12 Oct 2020

Fitbit Spyware Steals Personal Data via Watch Face

Relaxed security and privacy practices at Fitbit has allowed for a vulnerability that compromises the device’s watch face and steals data. A researcher at Immersive Labs was able to expose a wide-open app-building API that could allow an attacker to build their own malicious application. This application could have the

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07 Oct 2020

FBI warns of risks of using wireless hotel networks

The FBI has issued a new warning against the use of hotel Wi-Fi connections, due to public offerings may contain vulnerabilities as a result of poor security measures. The FBI states that this is true for libraries, coffee shops, and other locations with free public Wi-Fi. In the advisory, the

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28 Sep 2020

Ring’s Flying In-Home Camera Drone Escalates Privacy Worries

Cybersecurity experts have expressed concern over a new development from Amazon’s Ring division, which unveiled a new drone feature on its Always Home Camera. The robot drone can fly around the customers’ homes, taking security footage while doing so. This has caused an outcry of concerns over several privacy aspects,

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24 Sep 2020

Millions Exposed in COVID19 Surveillance Platform Snafu

In India, eight million patients had their personal and medical details compromised after multiple vulnerabilities were discovered within a COVID-19 surveillance system run by the government, called the Surveillance Platform Uttar Pradesh Covid-19. The software bugs were first found by vpnMentor researchers while conducting a routine web scan in early

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18 Sep 2020

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Patch Vulnerabilities, Introduce New Privacy Features

This week, Apple patched roughly a dozen vulnerabilities and introduced new privacy features to accompany the rollout of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. The addressed security flaws impact different operating system components such as Assets, Icons, AppleAVD, Sandbox, Siri, and WebKit. The flaws could result in several different occurrences, such

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16 Sep 2020

Half of US citizens would share medical data beyond COVID-19 despite surveillance state worries

According to a new study, over half of US citizens are willing to partake in sharing medical records to further the COVID-19 vaccine and health developments. However, fears of a surveillance state are still present despite the growing threat of COVID-19. Worldwide cases are slowly reaching 30 million total, and

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11 Sep 2020

Facebook May Have to Stop Moving EU User Data to US

A recent court ruling found that some trans-Atlantic data transfers may be subject to American cybersecurity laws, putting European Facebook users at risk. Due to the difference between US cyber-surveillance laws and rulings of the same nature in Europe, Facebook may have to cease the transfer of any EU data

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11 Sep 2020

Cyber-Risks Explode With Move to Telehealth Services

According to new research published by Dark Owl and SecurityScorecard, the increasingly rapid development of technology enabling the delivery of virtual health services has created more risks for both healthcare organizations and patients. The mass adoption of telehealth over the past few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic has had

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