17 Sep 2018

The New Apple Watch Is Going to Have More of Your Health Data Than Your Doctor

The recently announced Series 4 version of the Apple Watch will feature a hospital-grade electrocardiogram that will track user heart health over time and support an export-to-PDF functionality in order to share the information with the owner’s doctor. This shift is repositioning the device into a growing healthcare-wearable tech market

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12 Sep 2018

States are flouting right to encrypted messaging: U.N. expert

“Many governments are neglecting or ignoring their duty to protect online encryption that helps ensure freedom of expression and privacy, the U.N. expert on freedom of expression said on Monday. In many states including Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Britain, citizens cannot count on keeping their online conversations private,

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11 Sep 2018

A Popular App Has Been Stealing Everyone’s Browser History

The highest grossing “paid utilities” app in the Apple Mac App Store has been “deceiving users and stealing their browser histories to send to China.” Marketed as anti-malware or anti-adware, users were not suspicious of granting permissions. But a researcher has found that all files given these permissions were saved

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05 Sep 2018

Egypt’s Sisi intensifies control over cybersphere

Egypt has increased the policing of cyberspace through a new law ratified over the weekend that permits prosecution for a umber of new “vaguely-defined” offenses. The new law only applies to users to 5,000 or more followers and subjects them to liability and censorship for sharing “fake news,” incitement of

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05 Sep 2018

Five Eyes Intel Alliance Urges Big Tech to Help Break Encrypted Messages

In a joint statement with America’s “Five Eyes” partners Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, DHS secretary urged tech companies to support law enforcement by improving access to criminal and terrorist communications using encrypted platforms. The statement also noted that, in the event of “impediments to lawful access to

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28 Aug 2018

Welcome to the Age of Privacy Nihilism

“The real difference between the old and the new ages of data-intelligence-driven consumer marketing, and the invasion of privacy they entail, is that lots of people are finally aware that it is taking place. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, the recent reports about Google, and related events have contributed to that

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22 Aug 2018

Gmail’s Confidential Mode Lets You Send Self-Destructing Emails

A new Gmail feature allows users to send self-destructing emails that recipients are not able to forward or print. Senders can detail the length of time before the email expires and whether to include a password protection. Analysts have raised fears that the style Google uses provides an easy platform

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16 Aug 2018

Google tracks users who turn off location history

Researchers have found that Google still collects user location data even when location tracking has been disabled. The company does through by storing a location snapshot when the Maps application is opened, as well as through weather updates and even Google searches not related to location. In order to prevent

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13 Jul 2018

German court rules that digital content is inheritable

The highest court in Germany has ruled that digital content like Facebook messages is inheritable in the same category as physical letters, book, or diaries. During the legal battle, Facebook had refused to give two parents access to their daughter’s private messages, citing personal privacy, after she was killed by

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27 Jun 2018

European readers still blocked from some US news sites

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a law changing the requirements for data collection disclosure, went into effect on the 25th of May. To date, the Tronc and Lee Enterprises publishing conglomerate has not complied with the regulations and have had their outlets blocked in Europe. Blocked sites include the

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