22 Jan 2020

Lebanon protests: New government ends months of deadlock

Lebanon’s installation of a new government marks the end of months of deadlock that crippled the country’s economy. Saad Hariri resigned as prime minister of Lebanon in October as a result of mass protests over government corruption. The Hezbollah movement within the country made moves to chose university professor, Hassan

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15 Jan 2020

Russian government resigns as Vladimir Putin plans future

Hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed constitutional changes that could prolong his stay in power, Russia’s government has resigned. The proposals made by President Putin would transfer power from the presidency to the parliament. Although Putin is due to step down in 2024 when he closes out his fourth

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13 Jan 2020

Malta gets a new prime minister amid scandal over the killing of a journalist

Robert Abela, a lawyer, will become Malta’s new Prime Minister after a surprising victory that was triggered by a political scandal over the assassination of a journalist that destroyed the reputation of the country’s previous leader and his allies. Abela will succeed Joseph Muscat, who announced his resignation in December

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09 Jan 2020

Australian PM’s leadership criticized during wildfire crisis

It is unlikely that Australian Prime Minister Scott Minister will be able to politically recover from the horrors beget by this year’s raging bushfire. Nearly 16 million acres have burned since September and fire season in Australia has only just begun. The fires have killed 25 people, an estimated 1

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03 Jan 2020

Israel’s Netanyahu seeks immunity from prosecution in corruption cases

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces indictment on charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in three corruption cases. Late Wednesday night, Netanyahu submitted a request for immunity from prosecution. Netanyahu has maintained that he is innocent of all three charges, calling the criminal proceedings an attempted coup after

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19 Dec 2019

Protests Paralyze Lebanon’s Search for New Prime Minister

An increase in Lebanon’s protests has proved detrimental to the country’s search for a new prime minister as political gridlock promotes economic crisis. On Monday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun postponed a series of meeting with parliament members who were likely to elect Saad Hariri as the new prime minister, despite

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12 Dec 2019

Israel Faces Third Consecutive Vote After Parliament Deadline Passes

Israel plans to hold its third election in less than a year after lawmakers failed to find a consensus candidate to form a government before the deadline. This prolongs months of political stalemate at a critical time for Israel’s national security as it faces threats ranging from Iran to militants

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02 Dec 2019

With prime minister out, Iraq in constitutional ‘black hole’

On Sunday, the Iraqi parliament formally accepted Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s resignation as prime minister. However, the next step to replacing Abdul-Mahdi remains unclear and clouded with legal questions. Existing laws on replacing a prime minister who resigns do not provide clear procedures. Abdul-Mahdi’s resignation follows the intensification of protests in the

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