02 Aug 2022

Nigeria adds 10.5 million young voters ahead of 2023 election

Iver 10 million new voters, most of them young, have been added to Nigeria’s election register ahead of a presidential election next February. In February, a new president will be elected along with members of the Senate, House of representatives and Governors.  The Independent National Electoral Commission ended a year-long

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08 Jul 2022

Brazil could face ‘more severe’ election unrest than the US Capitol riot, official warns

A senior elections official has warned that Brazil faces possibly dangerous unrest during the country’s presidential vote. The Superior Electoral Court Minister Edson Fachin said there is a risk of unrest more sever than the January 6th insurrection in the United States in 2021.  The elections in October are expected

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20 Jun 2022

Left-wing candidate and former guerrilla Gustavo Petro wins Colombian presidential race

Gustavo Petro will be Colombia’s first leftist leader. He won the country’s presidential race on Sunday by a slim margin with over 50% of the votes against 77-year-old entrepreneur Rodolfo Hernandez. Petro’s running mate, Francia Marquez, will be the first Afro-Colombina to hold an executive office. In his victory speech,

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04 Apr 2022

Costa Rica elects political newcomer Chaves as president

An economist, Rodrigo Chaves won the presidential election in Costa Rica according to preliminary results. Chaves has a lead of over five percentage points over a previous president, José María Figueres. Voter turnout was the lowest in decades due to expressed dissatisfaction with Costa Rica’s economy.  Figueres was running for

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09 Mar 2022

South Korea presidential election: Exit polls show dead heat

South Korea’s presidential election appears to have created a close race between the two main candidates striving to lead the country for five years. Exit polls show Conservative Yoon Suk-yeol with 48.4% and liberal Lee Jae-myung with 47.8%. Another exit poll showed Lee with 48.4% and Yoon with 47.7%.  Election

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27 Aug 2021

Ex-EU Brexit negotiator Barnier announces French presidential bid

Michel Barnier was the European Union’s Brexit negotiator and has announced he will participate in his centre-right primaries for the French presidential election next year. He told TF1 on Thursday that he wanted to be the president of a reconciled France and will be running for the French presidency. Barnier

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23 Dec 2020

Iran Pushed Online Effort to Incite Violence Against Officials Defending U.S. Election Result

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claims that Iran launched a campaign to undermine public confidence in the US election and incite violence against FBI Director Chris Wray and other officials who denied election fraud claims. These claims were pushed by sitting President Donald Trump and many of his supporters

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18 Nov 2019

Sri Lanka president-elect Rajapaksa a war hero to some, a polarizing figure for others

Gotabaya Rajapaksa was elected president of Sri Lanka on Sunday, amid concerns over election security. For the majority population of Sinhalese Buddhists, Rajapaksa is well-positioned to take on the task of defeating enemies such as those responsible for the horrific Easter Sunday attacks earlier this year. However, he is accused

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