23 Nov 2020

Major Power Outage in India Possibly Caused by Hackers

A major power outage that occurred in mid-October in Mumbai, India, may have been the work of some sophisticated hackers. The outage impacted India’s biggest city, causing significant traffic disruption and wreaked havoc on public transportation such as trains and buses. According to authorities, it took two hours to restore

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11 Mar 2019

Venezuela’s Maduro Says Cyber Attack Prevented Power Restoration

In the midst of Venezuela’s presidential crisis, a country-wide blackout that began last Thursday has plunged the nation further into chaos. As of Sunday night, power had not been restored and international experts warned that it could take quite some time before the situation would improve. While international analysts argue

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14 Nov 2018

Pentagon Researchers Test ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Attack on U.S. Power Grid

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 7-day exercise that took place earlier this month saw over 100 cyber specialists gathering on Plumb Island, a federal research facility off of New York’s Long Island, to respond to a fictional cyber attack against the power grid. DARPA researchers were able to segregate

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09 Feb 2013

Blackout Preparedness Fact Sheet

The biggest Blackout in U.S. history occurred on August 14, 2003, leaving roughly 50 million people without power. Blackouts can happen anywhere, and to anyone, so being prepared is important. BEFORE A BLACKOUT To prepare for a blackout you should do the following: To begin preparing, you should build an

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