05 May 2020

National Emergency as Trump Bans Foreign Power Grid Kit

On Friday, US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the threat of foreign adversaries conducting cyberattacks against the US power grid, stating that the impact of an attack of this nature could have a devastating impact on emergency services, the economy, and critical infrastructure. The executive order has

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17 Jun 2019

Triton Attackers Seen Scanning US Power Grid Networks

New research by Dragos indicates that the threat actors behind the 2017 Triton (aka Trisis) malware attack that shut down a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia, started to scan power grids in the US and Asia-Pacific regions at the end of last year. Because of this, analysts are worried that

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17 Jun 2019

US Planted Powerful Malware in Russia’s Power Grid: Report

US intelligence officials have been investigating the Russian power grid since at least 2012 and recently began targeting power grid control systems in offensive operations, according to a recent New York Times report based on information from current and former government officials. The offensive operations involved infecting Russian systems with

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21 Dec 2018

Plan to Dumb-Down the Power Grid In Name of Cybersecurity Passes Senate

The Senate passed a measure to establish a two-year pilot program to investigate the possibilities of analog systems to be integrated into the U.S. power grid in order to prevent cyber vulnerabilities. Introduced in 2017 and approved by the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, a mirror version of the “retro

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29 Nov 2018

Russian Hackers Haven’t Stopped Probing the US Power Grid

“At the CyberwarCon forum in Washington, DC on Wednesday, researchers from threat intelligence firm FireEye noted that while the US grid is relatively well-defended, and difficult to hit with a full-scale cyberattack, Russian actors have nonetheless continue to benefit from their ongoing vetting campaign. ‘There’s still a concentrated Russian cyber

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14 Nov 2018

Pentagon Researchers Test ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Attack on U.S. Power Grid

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 7-day exercise that took place earlier this month saw over 100 cyber specialists gathering on Plumb Island, a federal research facility off of New York’s Long Island, to respond to a fictional cyber attack against the power grid. DARPA researchers were able to segregate

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19 Oct 2018

3 Years After Attacks on Ukraine Power Grid, BlackEnergy Successor Poses Growing Threat

Researchers are calling “GreyEnergy,” an offshoot of the BlackEnergy group that conducted a massive cyberattack on the Ukrainian power grid in 2015, an emerging threat to the Central and Eastern European power grid. Security firm ESET has released a report describing the group’s activities as focused on reconnaissance and espionage

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08 Oct 2018

Why the Department of Energy is worried about wind turbine hacking

Following Russian penetration of the U.S. power grid at a number of locations and levels, the U.S. is ramping up its cybersecurity technology for companies delivering energy around the country. As part of these efforts, the Department of Energy recently announced $28 million in research and development programs for power

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16 Aug 2018

Hacked Appliances Could Shut Down the Power Grid, Researchers Say

Researchers from Princeton University simulated an attack on a power network serving a population the size of California. The simulation found that a 1% surge in demand created by hacked smart appliances like air conditioners and water heaters could cause disruption to the network. This kind of attack is structured

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08 Aug 2018

Why small cyberattacks on power systems more likely than a long-running blackout

“Attacks on American power systems are likely to be small and localized, according to a cybersecurity firm, casting doubt on the ability of a foreign power to take down broad swaths of U.S. electric systems at once. Given current technology it is not reasonable to expect an enemy to shut

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