08 Feb 2021

With one update, this malicious Android app hijacked millions of devices

Google Play has been battling malicious apps for years, and the most recent to sneak into the Play Store has hijacked roughly 10 million devices. The application in question is a popular barcode scanner app that was transformed into malware with one update. The app had been available on the

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09 Jul 2020

Joker Android malware keeps evading Google Play Store defenses

The Joker Android malware operators have continuously managed to slip spyware infected apps onto the Play Store, which is Google’s official Android app store. Android applications infected with the Joker malware have been tracked since 2017 and were originally designed to perform SMS fraud. However, the Joker operators have now

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10 Mar 2020

Spying concerns raised over Iran’s official COVID-19 detection app

Today, Google removed an Android app from the Play Store that was created by Iranian officials to test and keep track of coronavirus infections amid spying allegations. Several users accused the Iranian government of using the epidemic to scare and trick citizens into installing the app, subsequently collecting phone numbers

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21 Jan 2020

Android Users Beware: These Top Camera Apps May Secretly Be Spying On You

The latest warning issued to consumers downloading apps that require camera access off of the Play Store has come from the research team at CyberNews. The reports expose the camera apps that boast billions of downloads, yet could be stealing user information. The team stated that the apps may spy

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