09 Jul 2019

GoBotKR Targets Pirate Torrents to Build a DDoS Botnet

Threat actors are distributing malware via torrent sites in order to build a botnet, new ESET research shows. The malware, referred to as GoBotKR, is hidden in pirated copies of South Korean films, TV series and video games that are distributed via Korean and Chinese torrent sites. People who download

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31 Oct 2018

Pirates seize eight Polish crew, three others from ship off Nigeria coast

11 crew members were seized from their vessel off the coast of Nigeria. The pirates have taken them to an unknown location, and the company has stated that it is working with the local authorities to secure the release of the crew. While piracy off the horn of African became

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25 Sep 2018

Pirates kidnap 12 crew members from Swiss vessel in Nigerian waters

“Pirates kidnapped 12 crew members from a Swiss merchant vessel on Saturday in Nigerian waters, the ship’s operator said in a statement,” highlighting the ongoing threat of piracy in the area. While piracy off of the horn of Africa has largely been eradicated through successful policing and responses, piracy and

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08 Mar 2010

France seizes 35 Somali ‘pirates’

“The French navy has captured 35 piracy suspects off Somalia’s coast – hailing it as the most successful mission since EU operations began in 2008. French officials said four mother ships and six smaller boats had been seized in four operations since last Friday. EU forces used helicopters and fired

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02 Dec 2009

Somalia pirates offer investment networks

Reuters is running a fascinating article on venture capital-style investment networks being run by Somali pirates.  This implications of this are fairly significant for a number of reasons: It provides additional funding for piracy operations which can lead to more capable pirate fleets and sustained operations It engages support and

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