27 Sep 2019

For Executive Protection, Physical and Cyber Security Have Fully Converged

Managing the nexus between physical and cyber security is possible with a deliberate mindset and full cooperation and integration between the two teams.  Physical security practitioners should view cyber defense experts as a vital component of their risk management strategy.

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23 Sep 2019

Remember that security probe that ended with a sheriff cuffing the pen testers? The contract is now public so you can decide who screwed up

Two security experts who were hired by the state of Iowa to test the IT security of the Iowa court system were arrested at the county courthouse of Dallas, Iowa earlier this month as the result of a disagreement between the security firm and local authorities about the scope of

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13 Aug 2019

Hackers Can Turn Everyday Speakers Into Acoustic Cyberweapons

New research by PWC UK shows that the capability of many commercial speakers to emit frequencies outside the range of human hearing can enable hackers to turn these devices into acoustic weapons that produce inaudible sound or audible noise at high intensity. The study found that it is relatively simple

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17 Jul 2019

Photo Shared via iPhone Leads to JetBlue Evacuation

A recent incident affecting passengers on a JetBlue flight demonstrates how security issues affecting Bluetooth could be abused by threat actors to target people with alarming or obscene messages. On Tuesday an unidentified passenger on a JetBlue flight heading to Tampa, Florida, used the iPhone’s AirDrop feature to send an

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15 Jul 2019

Hacked Hair Straighteners Can Threaten Homes

New research by Pen Test Partners underscores how customers can be put at risk by manufacturers that add “smart” functionality to tools without properly reviewing the security implications. Researchers discovered that the Glamoriser hair straightener, the first hair straightener that supports Bluetooth, can easily be hacked. Moreover, by remotely controlling

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14 Jun 2019

Hospital medical equipment contains potentially lethal vulnerability

Security researchers at CyberMDX have uncovered a highly dangerous vulnerability in the Alaris Gateway Workstation produced by BD. The vulnerable device is used in hospitals to “provide mounting, power, and communication support to infusion pumps,” which are used for “a wide range of therapies including fluid therapy, blood transfusions, chemotherapy,

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13 Jun 2019

Personal security and national security concerns are back on the rise

A new report by Unisys sheds light on the personal, Internet, financial and national security concerns of Americans. The research shows that people are most concerned about their online security and financial security. However, concern in these areas stayed the same compared to last year’s report, while worries about national

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07 May 2019

Physical threats rank alongside cybersecurity for many US businesses

A new study by Securitas indicates that for many organizations, physical threats are at least as important as cyber threats. It also confirms that insider threats are a massive problem, with 75% of the biggest security threats referring to activity that likely involves people within the targeted organization. The five

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06 May 2019

In a first, Israel responds to Hamas hackers with an air-strike

In the midst of escalating violence between Israel and militants in Gaza over the weekend, Israel became the first country to use kinetic force to respond to a cyberattack in real-time. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed that Hamas hackers launched a cyberattack against its systems on Saturday. After thwarting

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02 May 2019

Only six TSA staffers are overseeing US oil&gas pipeline security

A recent security audit[pdf] of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has exposed serious shortcomings in the TSA’s efforts to protect the US pipeline system for oil and gas. The report shows that both the physical security and cybersecurity of this critical system, which

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