01 Oct 2020

This worm phishing campaign is a game-changer in password theft, account takeovers

A new worm phishing campaign discovered by cybersecurity architect and bug bounty hunter Craig Hays has gained widespread attention as a new method of password theft. Hays outlined the phishing attempt in a recent report, stating that it went beyond usual tactics and basic attempts to compromise a network, claiming

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03 Sep 2020

Organizations facing nearly 1,200 phishing attacks each month

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, phishing attacks have become more successful and more common, according to data gathered by researchers at GreatHorn, a security company. GreatHorn recently published the 2020 Phishing Attack survey in which they highlighted the newest trends in phishing attacks, as well as their success

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26 Aug 2020

Lazarus Group Targets Cryptocurrency Firms Via LinkedIn Messages

Lazarus Group, a North Korean-based APT, has been targeting the cryptocurrency industry through sophisticated phishing messages over LinkedIn. The nation-state threat operator has allegedly been conducting a widespread phishing campaign that targets a variety of businesses worldwide and appears to be financially motivated. The attackers are attempting to leverage the

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12 Aug 2020

SANS Institute Phishing Attack Leads to Theft of 28,000 Records

The SANS Institute was the victim of a phishing attack that lead to hundreds of emails from an internal account being forwarded to an unknown third party. The emails contained roughly 28,000 records of personally identifiable information. The SANS Institute stated that they are currently investigating the data breach, which

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06 Aug 2020

Cybercrime Growing at an “Alarming Pace” Due to COVID19

According to a new report released by INTERPOL, cybercrime is growing at an alarming pace due to the ongoing global pandemic. INTERPOL’s research also lead them to believe that the crime rate will continue to accelerate throughout 2020. The report reveals the extent to which threat actors are capitalizing on

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17 Jul 2020

Amazon-Themed Phishing Campaigns Swim Past Security Checks

Amazon has been used to perpetuate a pair of new phishing campaigns that aim to steal credentials and other personal information claiming to be Amazon package-delivery notices. Amazon has been in high demand lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic preventing many from leaving the house excessively. However, cybercriminals have capitalized

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16 Jul 2020

Brazil’s Banking Trojans Go Global

According to researchers, four sophisticated malware families historically targeting Brazilian individuals and entities have spread their reach to new countries as well as increasing capabilities. The malware families have expanded to target users in North America, Europe, and other Latin American countries. The most sophisticated banking trojans are often engineered

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26 Jun 2020

Phishing attacks target workers returning to the office

COVID-19 has attracted cybercriminals who have been capitalizing on the global pandemic by creating related phishing campaigns, malicious websites, and fake apps. Recent phishing attacks have taken a slight turn, beginning to target employees returning to the office as businesses start to reopen across the world. Check Point security published

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16 Jun 2020

Scammers Clone Encrypted Messaging Platform and Siphon Users’ Bitcoins

Yesterday, KrebsOnSecurity published a report proving that Privnote, a free encrypted messaging platform, was cloned and used to steal sensitive information and assets. Messages sent on Privnote self-destruct after being read and is a platform allowing people to send sensitive information over the phone. However, a phishing scam recently targeted

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11 Jun 2020

Fake Black Lives Matter voting campaign spreads Trickbot malware

A new phishing email campaign that prompts users to vote anonymously about the Black Lives Matter movement is secretly spreading the information-stealing malware TrickBot. TrickBot was initially created as a banking Trojan but has since evolved to perform other malicious tasks such as spreading laterally through a network, stealing saved

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