15 Sep 2022

User Alert as Phishing Campaigns Exploit Queen’s Passing

Threat actors are capitalizing on the death of Queen Elizabeth II to lure targets into clicking on phishing links that request Microsoft credentials. Experts at Proofpoint posted a screenshot yesterday that revealed the phishing emails appear as though they are being sent from the tech giant itself. The headline claims

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26 Jun 2020

Phishing attacks target workers returning to the office

COVID-19 has attracted cybercriminals who have been capitalizing on the global pandemic by creating related phishing campaigns, malicious websites, and fake apps. Recent phishing attacks have taken a slight turn, beginning to target employees returning to the office as businesses start to reopen across the world. Check Point security published

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19 Jun 2020

Phishing Campaign Targeting Office 365, Exploits Brand Names

A new sophisticated phishing campaign has been discovered, targeting Office 365 and utilizing recognized brand names to bypass security filters. The campaign aims to trick victims into handing over Microsoft Office 365 credentials to gain access to corporate networks. Check Point Software published a report detailing the attacks, which largely

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11 Jun 2020

Fake Black Lives Matter voting campaign spreads Trickbot malware

A new phishing email campaign that prompts users to vote anonymously about the Black Lives Matter movement is secretly spreading the information-stealing malware TrickBot. TrickBot was initially created as a banking Trojan but has since evolved to perform other malicious tasks such as spreading laterally through a network, stealing saved

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20 May 2020

Microsoft warns of ‘massive’ phishing attack pushing legit RAT

Microsoft’s Security Intelligence team has recently warned users of a phishing campaign with a COVID-19 theme that installs NetSupport Manager remote, an administration tool. The campaign is spreading the tool through various malicious Excel attachments on emails pretending to be from the Johns Hopkins Center, providing information on the number

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18 Feb 2020

SMS Phishing Campaign Targets Mobile Bank App Users in North America

A dozen North American banks have been targeted in a mobile phishing campaign that has already victimized 4,000 victims through deploying an automated SMS tool. The tool sends out fraudulent security text messages to mobile phone users and has targeted customers of banks like Chase, TD Bank, and Royal Bank

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17 Feb 2020

Targeted Phishing Attack Aims For Well-Known Corporate Brands

MalwareHunterTeam has uncovered yet another new phishing campaign, this one targeting well-known brands such as Glad and Hasbro. The international companies were attacked using SLK attachments and has targeted a total of thirteen high profile companies to date. SLK attachments can allow the attacker to gain access to corporate networks.

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